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Perfect Addiction: meet the new spicy movie on Prime Video

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Spicy production alert on Amazon Prime Video: this Friday (24), the film premieres on the streaming service Perfect Addiction, work based on the book of the same name written by Claudia Tan. Launched in July 2022, the publication quickly gained notoriety due to its engaging and hot story, winning over many fans around the world, who were eager to see the adaptation for the small screen promised by Amazon.

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But, after all, what is the story of Perfect Addiction? Does the film have the potential to rival other productions of the genre that have exploded recently, such as Sex/Life, from Netflix? Below, learn all about the new caliente production on Amazon Prime Video!

Perfect Addiction: What’s the plot?

The official synopsis of Perfect Addiction, according to amazon, is this: Sienna, an MMA coach, believes that she and her boyfriend Jax, a champion fighter, are the perfect team. That is until the day she finds out that he was cheating on her with her sister. Thirsty for revenge, Sienna trains the only man capable of beating Jax in the fight: Kayden, her main rival.

What starts out as a revenge plot turns into something much hotter as limits are pushed and training gets more ‘sweaty’. The plot is based on the popular work of Claudia Tan, which has 86 million readers, according to the description on Amazon.

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By all indications, the feature film should strictly follow the narrative of Tan’s book, betting on a story of revenge, betrayal and, of course, a lot of sex to satisfy those who have read the work and those who still don’t know the hot story.

Perfect Addiction: who’s in the cast?

The film’s cast has some faces familiar to the general public, especially in relation to the trio of protagonists. Sienna is played by Kiana Madeira, known for acting in the trilogy fear streetfrom Netflix, and in the film series of After. Kayden is lived by Ross Butler, star of the series 13 Reasons Whyfrom Netflix, and which was also in Shazam! It is For All the Boys.

Sienna’s ex, Jax, is lived by Matthew Noszka, who has participated in the series. starfrom Fox, and from the film let it snow, from Netflix, in addition to having appeared in several commercials. In addition to the main trio, the film also features names like Bree Winslow, Nicholas Duvernay, Manu Bennett, Ryan Bown, Poppy Gilbert, Alex Czerwinski, among others.

Perfect Addiction: Is the movie worth watching?

The answer is: it depends. For having very spicy contents in its narrative, Perfect Addiction It is a great choice for anyone who has enjoyed the wave of productions of the genre that has taken over streaming recently. To name a few similar titles, we have: Sex/Life (Netflix series), prying eyes (Netflix series), Lady Chatterley’s Lover (Netflix movie) Observers (Amazon Prime Video movie) and dark wish (Netflix series).

The production also presents a good narrative of revenge and overcoming and it is worth checking out if these characteristics please you in any way. But here’s the tip: don’t watch Perfect Addiction next to parents, grandparents or in broad daylight, with visitors at home. Because, right… maybe it doesn’t make much sense, let’s say.

Bearing in mind, therefore, that Perfect Addiction will be available on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, March 24. So schedule yourself and don’t miss it!

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