Pepe Aguilar gave his daughter a balcony after saying that “he went to poop”; This is how Angela reacted

Pepe Aguilar gave his daughter a balcony after saying that "he went to poop";  This is how Angela reacted
Pepe said that one of his daughters went to the bathroom and Ángela reacted to it (Photo: Tw zacatecasonline)

In addition to being one of the top representatives in the Mexican regional, Pepe Aguilar he is constantly in the public eye due to his opinions and this occasion was no exception, as he not only launched a embarrassing comment about one of his daughters at a party, but also uploaded to social media.

It all happened during the birthday celebrations of the singer of hits like You promised, neither with you nor without you, for women like you either I’m getting used to you. And it is that, The Eagle Dynasty decided to record a small video on the occasion of the celebration of the interpreter of 54 years without waiting for the stranger message that the charro would launch.

“I am in Nashville, Tennessee, with part of my family, because my wife says that my other daughter went to poop”, said Pepe Aguilar referring to Aneliz.

Hearing the statement, those present laughed out loud without understanding what was happening. To this, Angela Aguilar She did not remain silent and, ashamed, she asked her father to refrain from those comments.

“No dad, don’t say that,” he sentenced.

The singer publicly said that one of his daughters went to do the bathroom

But with his characteristic sense of humor, Pepe Aguilar asked that they not cut that part of the video and he corrected it.

“Ah, who took the dog to poop”he narrowed between laughs.

Also, the interpreter showed some of the gifts he received for his birthday, including a guitar, a watch and the breakfast that his family made for him.

The reactions from Internet users were immediate and several of them laughed at the moment.

“Congratulations Pepe, don’t worry Pepe, we understand the misunderstanding as the saying goes: the priest, the father, the cow and even the most beautiful woman do not escape from the poop. Felicidades Pepe, you made us laugh”. “Pepe being Pepe”, were some of the mentions in Instagram.

The Aguilar Dynasty is extremely well known in Mexico EFE/The 3 Collective
The Aguilar Dynasty is extremely well known in Mexico EFE/The 3 Collective

It should be remembered that it was last August 7, when Pepe Aguilar celebrated another year of life and congratulations from his children quickly flooded social networks.

In this sense, Ángela Aguilar shared an emotional publication and thanked her father for all the teachings he had left her over the years.

“Happy birthday @pepeaguilar_oficial. Thank you for taking care of us, guiding us, teaching us, and pushing us. You are the most prepared, understanding, compassionate, honest, intelligent, genuine, and hard-working man I know. Forever a privilege to be your daughter and apprentice, ”she wrote from her Instagram.

Thus, in the photographs he shared, Pepe and Ángela can be seen embracing or living some family moments.

Ángela and Pepe are very close (Photo: Instagram @pepeaguilar_oficial)
Ángela and Pepe are very close (Photo: Instagram @pepeaguilar_oficial)

Pepe Aguilar advised parents of young

In addition to his artistic career, Pepe Aguilar has also shown over the years to have his children as a priority and has promoted them in his personal projects. It was so last June he sent a message to the parents and mothers so that they do not confuse their children and create high expectations that could frustrate them throughout their lives.

“The bitterness of today is the following: do not confuse your children, do not tell them that this life is coming to be happy. For God’s sake, what is that? You do not come to this life to be happy, because being happy is one of the thousand things you do in life“, said.