Pedro Pascal traumatized fans in Game of Thrones scene! remember

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Due to the success that The Last of Us, starring Pedro Pascal, is doing, the name of the artist is on the rise. For this reason, part of the viewers are remembering on social networks his participation in another HBO series, the famous game of Thrones.

Remember Pascal’s character and his most remarkable moments during his passage in the medieval series. But beware: the following text contains spoilers for Season 4 of the show.

Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones

The character played by Pedro Pascal was Oberyn Martell. House member Martell first appears in the first episode of season 4 of game of Thrones and from there, steals the show.

The prince’s lifestyle is the subject of many comments by those who know him, due to the very passionate and sexual way in which he maintains his relationships, both with men and women. In addition to being known as a great fighter, Oberyn was also called the Red Viperfor his incredible knowledge of poisons and the deadly way he defeated his opponents in combat.

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Fun and cool, the prince was adored by fans of the series. He was a huge highlight during the seven episodes he appeared and entertained viewers of the show very well during his short but memorable appearance.

What happens to Pedro Pascal in Game of Thrones?

who has watched game of Thrones knows, however, that no one is safe. Much of the series’ popularity was due to the many shocking and unexpected deaths that occurred throughout the episodes, especially of characters beloved by the public.

Sadly for many, Oberyn did not escape this fate. In the eighth episode of season 4, titled The Mountain and the Viper, the prince entered combat as a representative of Tyrion Lannister, who was being wrongly accused of the murder of Joffrey Baratheon. ]

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As a last attempt to save himself from the penalty of execution, Tyrion took a desperate measure: trial by combat. Oberyn volunteers to represent the defendant, as she is going to fight against Gregor Clegane, rapist and murderer of her sister Elia and her children.

Although he was winning the fight, due to the fury he felt for Gregor, the prince ended up getting carried away by his feelings. This gave his opponent the space he needed to break his teeth and crush his skull with his bare hands.

Thus was the last appearance of the Red Viper in the series, in one of the most traumatic deaths of the entire series. While the moment still haunts fans of the character to this day, Pedro Pascal has already said, in an interview, that he is happy with the moment, as it was part of one of the most memorable scenes in the series.

The Last of Us

Currently, Pedro Pascal is the protagonist of the new series of the moment: The Last of Us. The actor plays Joel, the central character of the series and the game of the same name on which the story is based. The actor shares the screen with Bella Ramsey, who also went through Game of Thrones, interpreter of the character Ellie.

The new episodes of The Last of Us air on HBO channels and HBO Max streaming every Sunday at 11 pm