“Peaky Blinders”, “The Umbrella Academy”, “The paper house: Korea” and all Netflix premieres in June

These are all the new releases for June this year. (Netflix)
These are all the new releases for June this year. (Netflix)

Some long-awaited premieres are grouped in June this year in Netflixfrom the new seasons of Peaky Blinders Y The Umbrella Academy until the debut of the South Korean remake of The Money Heist. Plus, you’ll see new Adam Sandler for the movies and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage from Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl halftime show. Check the complete list of everything that will arrive next month to the service streaming:


Borgen: kingdom, power and glory – June 2nd

Birgitte Nyborg is a minister whose career is in jeopardy when an oil dispute escalates into an international crisis in her country.


Claw – 8 of June

Starring Adam Sandlerthis film centers on an unlucky basketball scout who discovers a promising player in Spain and sets out to prove to himself that they are ready for NBA victory.

Adam Sandler’s new for Netflix is ​​a film, produced by LeBron James, that portrays the hard path of an athlete to become an NBA star. (Netflix)

Privacy – June 10th

“The leaking of a political figure’s sex tape catalyzes the story of four women who walk the thin line between public and private life”, is how this upcoming police series is described.

the first death – June 10th

This title mixes the adolescent and vampire genre with the theme LGBTQ+. The story follows two young women, Juliette and Calliope, one a vampire, the other a vampire slayer. Both end up falling in love when they are supposed to kill each other.

“The First Death” will join the LGBTQ content catalog on the platform. (Netflix)

peace trees – June 10th

Based on true events of the Rwandan genocide, four women from different backgrounds go into hiding and develop an unbreakable sisterhood.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 – June 10

“The Shelbys suffer a devastating loss. The end of the dry law turns Tommy towards the opium business, forcing him to ally himself with his enemies, ”says the synopsis of the final installment of the gangster drama.

New episodes of "Peaky Blinders" will arrive in June. (Netflix)
New episodes of “Peaky Blinders” will arrive in June. (Netflix)

Amy Schumer’s Parental Advisory – 11th of June

A new special event Amy Schumer direct from the comedy festival Netflix Is a Joke, a show where Netflix lets the humor fly.

Jennifer Lopez: part time – June 14th

the world superstar Jennifer Lopez talks about her multifaceted career and the pressures of life in the spotlight in this intimate documentary. Likewise, unpublished scenes of her preparation to give the Super Bowl halftime show are revealed, where she shared the presentation with the Colombian Shakira.

J-Lo's new documentary will tackle the moments leading up to her 2020 Super Bowl performance. (Netflix)
J-Lo’s new documentary will tackle the moments leading up to her 2020 Super Bowl performance. (Netflix)

Centaur – June, 15

In this Spanish film, a motorcyclist decides to work as a mule for a drug cartel when he has to pay off a debt owed by the mother of his son. He will risk his future as a pilot and his own life.

Snoop Dogg’s F*cn Around Comedy Special – June 16

A new special event Snoop Dogg direct from the comedy festival Netflix Is a Joke, a show where Netflix lets the humor fly.

spider’s head – June 17

Chris Hemsworth stars in this film set in the near future where a research scientist conducts experiments on prison inmates. Each of these men dealing with his past is given drugs that can alter his emotions.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 – June 22

The Hargreeves brothers have returned to the present, but nothing seems to be the way they left it: their family no longer exists and now it is the Sparrows who take on the role of superheroes. Somehow, both sides will have to join forces to face something much worse.

Watch the trailer for the third season of “The Umbrella Academy”. (Netflix)

the man from toronto – June 24

A case of mistaken identity unexpectedly crosses paths between the world’s deadliest killer, known as the Toronto Man, and a bumbling entrepreneur in New York City.

Beauty – June 24

Read the synopsis here: “A young singer on the verge of success is torn between a domineering family, industry pressures, and love for his girlfriend.”

The paper house: Korea – June 24

When South and North Korea unify, a group of thieves carries out a plan to seize the new currency that connects the economies of both countries. The police will go after them, who have hostages under their power, and will not stop tracking the great mastermind behind everything (The Professor).

The South Korean version of "The paper house" will have a more political tone. (Netflix)
The South Korean version of “The paper house” will have a more political tone. (Netflix)

The God’s anger – June, 15

Luciana (Macarena Achaga) has lost his relatives in strange conditions and, more and more, his family environment is getting smaller around him. An enigmatic writerDiego Peretti), and also his former boss, watches the scene with horror and guilt. In this obsessive fight to save the life of her sister, the only relative she has alive, she begins a race against time to bring the truth to light. The story is based on the novel by writer Guillermo Martínez.

Premiere animated series on Netflix

Dead End: Horror Park – June 16

Spriggan – June 18

Angry Birds: Summer Madness – June 24

Chip and Potato: Chip’s Vacation – June 27th

Bastard!! – June 30th

One Piece: new episodes – June 22nd

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