“Peaky Blinders”: possible premiere date of the sixth season on Netflix

“Peaky Blinders”: Still without a confirmed date for the sixth season outside the United Kingdom, speculation began about its possible arrival on Netflix. (BBC)

The Shelbys are back for their final season. Birmingham mobster series Peaky Blinders, had its UK premiere on February 27 last when the beginning of its sixth and final season aired. The recordings were delayed like so many others due to the delay caused by the days of quarantine during the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus.

But it finally made it to TV (BBC) along with the announcement of a movie, still without many details regarding its plot or its cast. The first episode of the sixth season called black-day, and that it was dedicated to the memory of the actress Helen McCrory (aunt Polly), implied a new record since it was the most viewed of the entire series. It reached 3.8 million viewers.

But the rest of the world is still waiting for the official announcement of the premiere beyond its country of origin. According to a site analysis What’s on Netflix, that brings together all the most relevant news of the platform, viewers would have to wait until May to gain access to the sixth season.

The site analyzes how the episodes of seasons prior to Netflix. Season 5, for example, hit the platform on October 4, 2019, roughly three weeks after its UK air date. Therefore, it is estimated that the series would arrive in mid-May. The last episode in the UK should air on April 4th and they are supposed to wait a few days for the series to be seen outside of their hometown.

In the United Kingdom, they will have to wait until 2023 for Netflix to upload the series, since the agreement with the BBC implies that a year must pass for another platform to replicate its content.

McCrory will not be in this new installment, which will be a great loss for history. Cillian Murphythe actor who plays Thomas Shelby in the series, referred to his co-worker in an interview given to the magazine Empire: “It has always made me sad that we were about to shoot, the pandemic came and we had to stop. If we had recorded then, Helen would have been in the series, ”she recalled with great nostalgia, adding:“ It is a great loss, it is difficult to understand. She was the matriarch of the whole thing because of the character, but also because of her personality.”

In the sixth season there will be the presence of Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby) sophie rundle (Ada Shelby), Finn Cole (Michael Grey), Tom Hardy (Alfie Solomons) and Anya Taylor-Joy (as Gina Grey). The actor also joins Stephen Graham (HaydenStag).



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