Paul Schrader attacks the latest ‘Mission Impossible’: “An AI could have written that script”

the profile of Facebook of paul schrader It is one of the funniest and most unpredictable film buff treasures that we have today. Director of The priestthe screenwriter of Taxi Driver and the brainy critic who posted the transcendental style He usually uses this social network to pour out his opinions on the movies he is watching without any filter (as well as some other related topic, such as when he attacked with the new list of Sight&Sound that erected Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles as best film ever). This time she has touched Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part 1.

And Schrader didn’t like it. “Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment… that most tiresome nonsense”, he wrote about the film he directs Christopher McQuarrie and stars Tom Cruise in his new venture as Ethan Hunt. Aside from how much it seems to have bored him, Schrader throws a rather painful jab at him: “There is no reason why the AIWith the right prompts, I couldn’t have written that script.” Why is it painful? Because precisely the villain of the film is an Artificial Intelligence. The call Entitywhich puts the world in check.

It’s another blow for a film marked by disappointment at the box office. Although meritorious, their 452 million dollars they remain far from what was expected, surpassed by the phenomenon Barbenheimer which Schrader has also addressed in his Facebook posts. Who brought us recently the master gardener has had very good words for the two films that are part of this curious box office fever: from Barbie He has said that it is marvelous, and oppenheimer directly what is “the best and most important movie of this century.

It should be added that while Schrader is not saying the AI ​​thing as a compliment in the case of deadly sentence, the filmmaker has not had too harsh words with this technology in the past. Schrader is convinced that the tools of Artificial Intelligence will be used with increasing frequency when writing the script for productions without great airs, helping the scriptwriters.

“It is obvious that AI will become a force in movie entertainment. Do you need a new episode of CSI: Las Vegas? chapchatGPT will give it to you in a matter of seconds. And it will be fine, it will select all episodes of CSI of the last 20 years and find something both generic and contemporary”. Although Schrader doesn’t really know how to spell “ChatGPT”it seems that you have started to see traces of this use in the last Mission Impossibleand that his has bored him.

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