Patreon content creators are affected by changes in Vimeo values

Patreon content creators are affected by changes in Vimeo values

In recent times, some content creators in video format of the platform patreon have started receiving emails from Vimeo where they are asked to upgrade to more expensive subscriptions in order to keep your content published.

It all started last month when users of Channel 5, a channel that operates from Patreon, when they returned from a trip they saw that their videos were no longer available and that they had lost several followers. From Patreon they were told that the problem was with the video uploader embedded in the platform that had been using Vimeo as a hosting platform. The company began to ask them to pay large sums of money because they had exceeded the maximum bandwidth allowed.

Vimeo’s bandwidth usage is calculated based on video views, resolution, player load and thumbnail image, as well as downloading and live streaming, according to the company’s website..

No overage charges are imposed unless an account reaches levels that are considered unusually high. The limit is around 2-3 TB per month.

Our goal will always be to provide the best possible video solution and to work with our users so that they can continue to reach their audiences in high quality.”, a company spokesman told TheVerge. In addition, the company said that more than 70 percent of users identified as exceeding the bandwidth limit choose to upgrade to a custom plan or reduce their bandwidth usage.

One of the creators affected by this measure, Jenny Nicholson, explained in a Twitter thread that the types of accounts that they offer as an alternative are an Enterprise plan, whose value starts at $500 per month, or a custom plan that is also onerous.

For her part, Sunny Singh, another Patreon creator, that he already has more than 4,000 videos on Vimeo and that he was already paying around USD 900 a year for the service; She was also contacted by the platform to warn her about the increase in bandwidth use and the need to increase the amount paid to achieve a personalized plan.

There is also the case of Lois van Baarle, an artist who shares individual digital creations, who was shocked by the price increase. Baarle had been using Vimeo with an annual subscription of USD 200, and now the fee that she is asked to pay for the type of service that she requires has increased to USD 3,500. The problem, once again, is the increase in bandwidth.

The situation, as can be seen, especially affects the creators of Patreon, since this platform has encouraged the use of Vimeo as a hosting platform, and thus it was that many were exceeding the bandwidth without knowing it. This was the case with the creators of Channel 5 who said they didn’t realize that when uploading videos to Patreon the content was actually hosted on Vimeo.

It should be noted that from that platform they are looking for the situation to change in the near future. In late 2021, Jack Conte, CEO of Patreon, said that the company planned to offer its own player and hosting service so that creators can continue to share material without having to rely on third parties.

“The service now uses the Vimeo infrastructure to publish its videos, but the goal would be to abandon it as its own platform is implemented,” he said at the time.