Paquita la del Barrio denied aspirations to be president of Mexico: “People are not right as one”

Paquita la del Barrio spoke about her political career (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)

In recent years, some figures from the Mexican show business -such as Carmelita Salinas- have assumed positions in Mexican politics. However, following recent statements by Serge Mayerwhere he “decreed” that he will be president of the country, was Paquita la del Barrio who left the way free for other figures to continue towards the presidential race.

It all happened in a meeting with the media, where, when questioned about her intentions to promote one of the top government posts, the singer of hits like Two-legged rat, neither you nor me either women rule ruled out the possibility.

“No (I see myself as president) because people are not right like one”, he began to say.

Similarly, the interpreter delved into the fact that if she had to assume public office she would like to do great things for the country, however, she accepted that He doesn’t have much knowledge or experience in that field.so he prefers to stay in the artistic world.

“I would like to do a lot for Mexico and I don’t get it and no, better as I am I work on my own, whatever God sends me and happy. I don’t know anything about politics.”sentenced before the cameras of Joy come.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that Paquita has been involved in political issues, since in January 2021 it was announced that the famous had received a formal invitation to be part of the Movimiento Ciudadano party and become one of the aspiring local deputies by the district of Misantlain Veracruz.

But the results were not what was expected and Francisca Viveros Barradas -her first name- was able to obtain just 9% of the votesremaining in the fifth position of the contest, in front of Othón Hernández Candanedo, standard bearer of the PAN, PRI and PRD alliance, who obtained the deputation.

And it is that the invitation to the 75-year-old star was made by Gil Rullán and Miguel Ángel Castillo López, who were seeking to become candidates for the federal deputation of the Xalapa Rural District. It was so politicians managed to convince the singer to start her career in politics.

Regarding his possible run for the presidency, In 2019, Paquita had already indicated in a press conference given at the National Auditorium in Mexico City that she wanted to be the first president of the country.

Paquita is happy with her musical career (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)
Paquita is happy with her musical career (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)

Sergio Mayer wants to be president of Mexico

Although Paquita la del Barrio is not interested at the moment in appearing for the 2024 presidential elections, the case of Sergio Mayer is quite the opposite, because after surprising in 2018 for interfering in national political fields and serving as a federal deputy in the Mexico City until 2021, now the artist wants to go further.

During a recent interview with come the joy The former Garibaldi commented on his aspirations:

“Of course I visualize myself, I decree it, I think it and I continue to work for it and that the fact of being an actor does not minimize you, nor does it take away the possibility of doing things well. Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor of the most important state that was California and I have tried to demonstrate with facts that everything they have wanted to discredit me, to say, I have always verified that the truth helps me, “he said.


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