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Pamela Anderson prepares a documentary in which she will tell her version of what happened with her intimate video

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is back in the headlines, this time not for a new personal project, but for the series that premiered in February StarPlus, Pam & Tommy, in which the diffusion of a video was recreated in which she had sexual relations with her husband at that time, the musician Tommy Leeduring their honeymoon.

The series, starring Lily James in the role of Pamela and sebastian stan Like Lee, he recounts in great detail how the VHS was stolen from this couple’s safe by an employee Tommy hadn’t paid for his work. In retaliation, the worker decided to enter Pam and Tommy’s house and steal everything that was stored in that safe. But the surprise was when he found that video with intimate scenes of the couple and decided to spread them publicly. All this happened in 1995 when social networks were not yet part of our daily lives.

But it seems that Pamela did not agree with this project and in fact did not participate in anything. According to a source close to her, Anderson did not even look at the trailer and lives very quietly in Vancouver, Canada, away from the flashes. On the other hand, Tommy Lee said that he is satisfied with the series, and in fact, he found it commercially attractive by stating that “Any publicity is good publicity”.

Now from the account Netflix, a tweet was released stating that Pamela is preparing her version and that it will be presented to the public shortly in the form of a documentary. “My life. A thousand imperfections, a million mistakes. Wicked, wild and lost. Nothing to compare to, I can only surprise you. I am not a victim but a survivor, and I am alive to tell the true story,” Anderson posted on her personal Instagram account, in which she uploaded a photo with a handwritten message and a kiss sealed with colored lipstick. Red.

Behind this project would be the son of Pamela and Tommy Lee, Brandon Thomas Lee, who will have at hand exclusive interviews with her mother and access to personal diaries in which the actress wrote very intimate things. The chosen director is Ryan White.

“Pamela Anderson is ready to tell her story in a documentary. The film, which has been in the making for several years, will see the pop culture icon setting the record straight as he reflects on his career path and personal journey.” Netflix the next realization of this documentary that could confront several facts related in the series of StarPlus.

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