Over a million viewers have already seen “Girls from Dubai” – this film took over the Polish box office in 2021

“Girls from Dubai” is the most popular film of 2021, the most-watched film in Polish cinemas. The distributor of Kino Świat has already boasted an impressive result: the picture has already been viewed by over a million people. It is the only Polish film to have exceeded this impressive number of tickets purchased in recent months.
Publicizing the controversy surrounding the movie “Girls from Dubai” had an effect – all disputes, especially on the Stępień-Doda line, fulfilled a marketing function and guaranteed the viewers’ interest in Maria Sadowska’s new painting. And so, in the first weekend of the premiere, the film reached the result of 280 thousand. tickets sold, recording the best opening of the year at that time. A little over a month later, “Girls” crossed the barrier of a million viewers.


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Dubai girls film of the year at the Polish box office

The distributor of Kino Świat emphasizes that it is not only the most popular Polish film of the year but also the greatest success of Polish production since the beginning of the pandemic. According to official information, the film gave way only to the new Bond (“Don’t Time to Die”) and the long-awaited “Dune”. In fact, a million “shot” also the new “Spider-Man” and … “Paw Patrol: The Movie”.

The film was not an artistic success, wasting an opportunity to tell a touching story and turn into something more than a nicely wrapped mass cinema of sub-par quality. The author of the report on which “Girls” was supposed to be based is of a similar opinion. However, as you know, the quality of production does not have to translate into audience interest.

You can still find “Dubai Girls” in theaters.


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