Over 500,000 downloads: Dangerous Joker malware found in Android app

All sorts of information are stored on our smartphones. Criminals keep trying to get hold of this data by hiding Trojans in emails or apps – in the case of the “Color Message” app. It served as the host for the Joker virus, which steals data from your smartphone and uses it to lock premium access to other apps. This will give you a rude awakening when the next cell phone bill comes into your home.

  • “Color Message” is an app that houses dangerous malware.
  • The Joker virus unknowingly logs you into premium services and steals your personal data
  • App has already been removed from the Google Play Store


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Viruses like to disguise themselves on the smartphone as a new app in order to get onto your device. This mainly affects Trojans who want to steal your data or register with premium services. The Joker virus is one such malware and, according to an analysis by Pradeo, has now appeared in the “Color Message” app. The app promises additional sticker sets and analyses for your messages – but then it steals a lot of your data.

The app has since disappeared from the app store, but you still have to uninstall it yourself if you have downloaded it. The problem with apps like this is that the Google Play Store cannot put every app through its paces in order to avoid such viruses. So there are always problems and there is no proper protection. With “Color Message” there have already been over 500,000 downloads and the injured parties could only complain in the comments section of the app.

Joker Malware Color Message
The “Color Message” app contains a virus! You should uninstall it as soon as possible. / © Pradeo

What is the Joker malware?

Malware is malware that lodges itself on the device and tries to access your data. It’s similar to Joker malware. The virus has been around since 2017 and is home to a number of apps. The malware causes damage by simulating clicks and registering you with premium services. As a result, your mobile phone bill will skyrocket and you can only hope that the app operators will reimburse you for the costs.


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One of the biggest problems with this is that the malware hardly leaves any traces. So it is difficult to understand where your data is going. In the case of “Color Message”, however, it was found that the data had been transferred to a Russian server. Fortunately, Google reacts relatively quickly in such cases and immediately removes dubious apps from the app store.

Have you ever come across malware? How do you protect your smartphone from malware? Let us know – we look forward to it!


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