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Oscar 2023 worksheet: see table with nominated films and where to watch

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One of moviegoers’ favorite times has arrived: the Oscar 2023! The ceremony takes place on March 12 and all nominees have already been revealed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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However, keeping up with so many feature films can be quite a challenge. With dozens of movies spread across theatrical and streaming releases, it’s hard to find all the nominees and watch them before the awards ceremony.

To give moviegoers a boost in 2023, Minha Série developed the Oscar Nominations Spreadsheet! Available for free on the internet, the table has all the films indicated, as well as where to watch them.

  • Oscars 2023: where to watch the nominated films

In addition, the table has a checkmark for you to mark which of the films you have already seen. Thus, it is possible to keep track of your marathon, ensuring it is easier to organize the productions to watch!

See above for the static version of the document, with all Oscar categories and feature films nominated, as well as their availability. Over the course of the next few weeks, the content will be updated as some movies are still coming to theaters and streaming.

In addition to viewing the complete content on this page, you can also export the spreadsheet to use it alone or with friends! See how to do it below!

How to use the My Series Oscar 2023 table?

The Oscar film table can be used online as well as in print!

The 2023 Oscar Worksheet My Series It can be used both online and in print. Available on Google Sheets, the table just needs to be copied to your Google account to get the digital version.

1 – Open this link from the My Series Spreadsheet;
2 – Click on the File button and select the “Make a Copy” option;
3 – A version of the current worksheet will be copied to your Google Drive, allowing you to tick the checkboxes on the movies you’ve already watched!

How to use the table in the printed version?

My Series

If you’re old school and want to keep track of movies at the Oscars on paper, the Oscar spreadsheet can be printed out. The process can also be easily done through Google Sheets.

Click on the “File” option, in the upper left corner of the screen, and go to the “Print” option, or use the shortcut Ctrl + P. Then, just check the page adjustments to ensure that the content will be visible on the sheet of paper.

So, do you intend to watch all the Oscar 2023 movies? stay tuned in My Series so you don’t miss all the details of the award!

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