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Oscar 2023: find out where to watch the 95th edition of the awards

Oscar 2023: find out where to watch the 95th edition of the awards

In just over two weeks, the 95th Academy Awards will take place. The awards will be broadcast in Brazil through the TNT channel and for the first time also can be seen streaming on HBO Max.

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In a publication on its Twitter this Thursday (23), the streaming service confirmed the unprecedented display on its platform:

From 8 pm onwards, you will be able to check simultaneous coverage between the television channel and streaming. Starting an hour before the actual awards show, which starts at 9 pm, the broadcast will feature live interviews from the Oscars red carpet.

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In addition, presenters and experts present will comment on the event throughout the evening.

What to expect from the Oscars 2023?

Unlike previous years in which many categories already had a winner declared even before they were announced, this edition has great disputes in several categories.

The most anticipated of the night, perhaps, is in Best Actress. Michelle Yeoh (Everything Everywhere at the Same Time) and Kate Blanchett (tar) are in close competition this awards season. The anxiety to know who will win the grand prize will be one of the key points of the awards.

In addition, the Oscar Academy confirmed Rihanna’s performance at the event. The singer is nominated for Best Original Song with “Lift Me Up”, a song created for the soundtrack of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever After. This will certainly be one of the highlights of the night.

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And of course, there’s the big prize of the year: Best Picture. The Fabelmans, Everything Everywhere at Once It is Inisherin’s Banshees are the experts’ big bets to win the statuette.

Everything in Everywhere at the Same Time is one of the favorites for the best film of 2023. (Source: A24/Disclosure)

However, anything can happen. And it wouldn’t be a surprise if Top Gun: Maverickthe highest-grossing film of 2022, won due to its popularity and being considered a return to classic Hollywood cinema.

So, are you looking forward to discovering the big Oscar 2023 winners?

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