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OPPO’s Wireless Air Charging technology has been revealed in Shanghai MWC 2021.

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Wireless charging has become the thing of the past as the new technology of “OPPO’s Wireless Air Charging” makes its entry into the market. It is likely that Oppo will introduce this new technology in its upcoming FIND X series. But sooner or later we are going to have completely luxurious wireless, baseless, and in-hand charging experience. Next time you need not worry about not having a charging slot near your bed.

Xiaomi seems to have caught the attention of the tech world earlier when it announced the “AIR CHARGE” technology in its new presentation of XIAOMI MI AIR CHARGE, a whole complete revolutionary solution to charging headache. Following the trend, Motorola also announced that they are also working on this technology and are determined to introduce this soon and now today Chinese mobile company OPPO turned up to surprise everyone with their exhibition of new “AIR CHARGE” technology in the MWC 2021 (conference) in shanghai.

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Inductive charging is also known as “wireless charging” revolutionized the charging aspect of portable devices in the mid-’20s as it uses electromagnetic induction to charge them without having any need of charging cable.

In a video of that conference, Oppo X 2021 can be clearly seen charging without any need for wire or a charging base as well. It simply can be seen in the hand of the operator and the charging dock was placed near at some distance. Basically, OPPO uses electromagnetic induction to charge the phone through the air ( sounds great isn’t it ?). So next time your cell phone is out of charge and you cannot afford to sit by a switchboard, simply switch to OPPO’s Wireless Air Charging.

It is still to be seen how OPPO is going to turn up introducing this feature commercially in its mobile phones and the compatibility of cell phones is yet to be determined because oppo has not disclosed many technical details of their launch. The key features that are gonna determine its effectiveness are going to be:

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  • Range
  • Compatibility
  • Commercial launching challenge




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