OPPO officially gets its MariSilicon X in-house chip

OPPO is in turn equipping itself with its MariSilicon X in-house chip with the ambition to tickle Apple on its favorite field: image processing and video.

It was expected. OPPO joins Apple, Samsung, Google, and Huawei in the club of manufacturers with internal solutions to power their smartphones.
If we anticipated OPPO’s MariSilicon X in-house chip for 2024, it is finally from the first quarter of 2022 that the first mobile chip from the Chinese manufacturer will be available.


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4K Ultra HDR in the palm of your hand

Engraved in 6 nm, the MariSilicon X in-house chip still promises a very high computing capacity. CPU details have not been released by OPPO, which reports 18 trillion operations per second, more than the Apple A15 Bionic. This power will not come at the expense of the energy consumption of the chip, measured at 11.6 FLOPS per watt for its IA accelerator. OPPO specifies that the chip will take advantage of a memory subsystem dubbed Tera bps which will lighten the RAM during data transfer and copy operations.

Everything for photo and video

For the moment, the Chinese manufacturer communicates few figures as to the bowels of its SoC. However, he does not show himself stingy in information concerning the possibilities offered by the MariSilicon X. The chip will hunt on the lands of Apple and does not hide it. On the photography side, OPPO promises shots with a dynamic range of up to 20 bits, against 10 on the Find X3 Pro. Video processing is not left out, with the possibility of recording in 20-bit HDR in RAW format, an impressive function on paper, but which will require a substantial storage capacity.

Videos taken at night will benefit from new digital grain reduction algorithms, with images as crisp as stills, according to OPPO. It will be possible to film in 4K HDR after dark, a first on an Android.

The first MariSilicon X benchmarks will undoubtedly be eagerly awaited. And if the announcement of this new SoC concerns for the moment exclusively OPPO products, the question of integration in the next OnePlus smartphones necessarily arises.


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The first smartphones benefiting from OPPO’s in-house chip will appear in the first quarter of 2022.

Source: OPPO press release

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