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Oppo launches ColorOS 12: All new features and list of compatible phones

Oppo launches ColorOS 12

On Monday, October 11th, Oppo presented ColorOS 12 – its new mobile operating system based on Android 12. We take a look at the new design and the new functions of the new Android overlay from Oppo.

  • Oppo launches ColorOS 12 public beta today in select countries
  • ColorOS 12 will initially be available for the Oppo Find X3 Pro in December 2021
  • The manufacturer has announced an expansion of its update policy


  • A new integrative design
  • Productivity and better performance
  • 100% integrated security with Android 12
  • Availability and compatible models

New design for more inclusion

Oppo focused on inclusion when developing the new Android 12 Overlay ColorOS 12. Oppo understands inclusion to mean adapting the user interface so that it remains simple for as many users as possible.

This is achieved through a leaner and clearer user interface. Oppo speaks of a “reduction in visual noise” through screen elements that are further apart, larger fonts and a color scheme that should bring information more to the fore.

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Oppo launches ColorOS 12, Oppo ColorOS 12 release date
ColorOS 12 literally wants to appeal to everyone! / © Oppo

Oppo also attaches great importance to accessibility with ColorOS 12. Applications should be classified more clearly and unambiguously. In addition, there are functions such as Color Vision Enhancement, which adapts the colors to visual impairments such as red-green weaknesses,

Then there is the Omojis, Opposite’s version of Apple’s Memojis. These can be customized with over 200 customization options to be as inclusive as possible in terms of gender and skin color. You can also display your Omijis on Oppos Always-On-Display. AOD 2.0 was introduced with ColorOS 11 and offers more customization options in ColorOS 12.

Finally, there is also the option of creating a system theme from the colors of the background image. A function that Google is introducing across the board in Android 12. This gives you the opportunity to lend a hand on the “Material You” design (since it is not yet implemented in the AOSP Stable Build of Android 12).


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ColorOS 12
The more comprehensive look of the ColorOS 12 surface / © Oppo

Productivity and better performance

Last year, ColorOS 11 put a lot of emphasis on productivity. ColorOS 12 doesn’t change that, but it retains the very good productivity apps that were introduced in the previous version.

This is how we find the 3-finger translation, which allows you to take a quick screenshot by swiping with three fingers and then translate the text in the image using Google Lens and Google Translate. The FlexDrop mode is also celebrating a comeback and allows you to use one or more applications in window and multi-window mode.

But Oppo has also made some additions, such as PC Connect, an Oppo-style DeX mode that facilitates the interaction between Oppo smartphone and PC (Windows exclusive). Read the article linked below from my colleague Ben, who experimented with the Moto Edge 20 Pro a few months ago.

Oppo launches ColorOS 12
The PC Connect function of ColorOS 12 / © Oppo

Oppo has also implemented a much more comprehensive battery tool with an infographic to better visualize consumption, as well as various energy saving modes. You can reach this via a quick menu in the battery manager called “One-Tap Power Saving”.

The manufacturer also guarantees that the energy efficiency of ColorOS 12 has been further optimized and that the aging rate of the smartphone is reduced to just 2.75% after three years of continuous use. The memory usage has been reduced by an average of 30% and the battery consumption by 20% compared to ColorOS 11.

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100% integrated security with Android 12 and an improved update policy

Oppo is obviously forced to emphasize security as it has now become an essential marketing criterion. The manufacturer points out that ColorOS also offers 100 percent of the new security advantages of Android 12.

Oppos’s interface offers the most important security functions of Android 12, such as the privacy dashboard and the displays in the taskbar that inform you whether your camera, your location or your microphone is being used by an app. I won’t go into it any further, because my colleague Camila devoted an entire article to the privacy dashboard.

Oppo has developed an interesting addition called “Anti-Peeping Mode” to prevent anyone from spying on your notifications. With a sensor, this mode can detect if someone is looking at the screen at the same time as you and reduces the level of detail in the notifications displayed.

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Last but not least, Oppo has revised its update policy upwards and promises updates for certain device series for 4 years. Oppo offers 3 years of critical Android updates for all Find series devices, 2 years of critical updates for Reno / F / K series devices, and at least one Android version update for A series devices. Oppo is also committed to providing security updates for the Find, Reno, F, and K series for 4 years and for the A-series devices for 3 years.


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Availability and compatible smartphones

Oppo launched the ColorOS 12 public beta on Monday, October 11th on the Oppo Find X3 Pro. The beta version is not yet available in Europe and will initially be rolled out in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

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The rollout will then continue gradually in 2021 and 2022 in other countries and on other devices. The manufacturer’s goal is to make ColorOS 12 available on over 110 devices and for 150 million users. The Oppo Find X3 Pro will be the first smartphone to receive the update in December.


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ColorOS 12 WEU Upgrade Plan
Schedule for the introduction of ColorOS 12. / © Oppo

From December 2021:

  • Oppo Find X3 Pro

From H1 2022:

  • Oppo Find X3 Lite
  • Oppo Find X3 Neo
  • Oppo Find X2 Pro
  • Oppo Find X2 Neo
  • Oppo Find X2 Lite
  • Oppo Find X2
  • Oppo Reno 6 Pro
  • Oppo Reno 6
  • Oppo Reno 4 Pro
  • Oppo Reno 4
  • Oppo Reno 4 Z
  • Oppo Reno 10x zoom
  • Oppo A94
  • Oppo A74 5G
  • Oppo A73

From S2 2022:

  • Oppo A74 4G
  • Oppo A54s
  • Oppo A53
  • Oppo A53s
  • Oppo A16s

What do you think of ColorOS 12? Do you like Oppo’s new Android 12 overlay? What do you think of Oppos’s concept of inclusion? Tell us in the comments.

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