OPPO and Vivo folding smartphones aims to launch this year


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Oppo and Vivo foldable smartphone

Earlier this month, a foldable Xiaomi smartphone was found to be running MIUI12. Since then, there have been rumors that the company will launch a new foldable device later this year. Now, a new report indicates that other Chinese OEMs are also using their own foldable phones as planned. The first OPPO and Vivo folding smartphones are coming soon.

Both companies are actively making progress, and due to third-party leaks, some details about their enthusiasm in creating these folding terminals. Even OPPO demonstrated functional prototypes in 2019.

According to Weibo’s famous Digital Chat Station, OPPO is not making one, but two folding phones. They all fold in like the Galaxy Z Fold, but they are different in size. A display with a 7-inch expandable display is reportedly closer to mass production than a larger 8-inch display. Both are said to be making rapid progress. Although these are not the only concepts that OPPO is working on, the details about its first rollable phone have also been improved.

Oppo and Vivo foldables
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What to expect from OPPO and Vivo folding smartphones:

Similarly, Vivo will focus on folding smartphones equipped with a large 8-inch screen. Although in this case, we will find a small difference when folding. It has a second 6.5-inch screen on the outside.

Unfortunately, aside from aesthetics, it appears that detailed information on the internals of these phones has not been released. Just before abandoning the concept of folding book-type smartphones similar to Huawei’s mobile phones. The possibility of OPPO folding terminals equipped with a pop-up camera system has been considered, and this new product will be left behind.

Therefore, according to Digital Chat Station, “these terminals are developing very fast.” Although it is too early to talk about a specific date of commercialization, everything indicates that both companies will be before the first folding smartphone comes out. Debut. A current year.

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