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Oppo Air Glass: aR glasses à la Google Glass presented

Oppo Air Glass

Oppo has presented its first smart glasses. The Air Glass, which weighs just 30 grams, works like a head-up display and is initially due to come onto the market in China. When it comes to Air Glass, Oppo speaks of aR glasses – “aR” for “assisted reality”.

  • Oppo Air Glass consists of a frame and a 30g projector for the right eye
  • There are two glasses frames to choose from, and lenses with sharpness are optionally available
  • The Air Glass can be controlled either via mobile phone, watch, gestures or head movements


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Is the age of smart glasses (finally?) Dawning? It’s been almost a decade since Google Glass caused a huge hype, then controversy, and finally disappointment. For a decade, AR glasses from Epson, Vuzix & Co. were niche products for B2B users or innovators. A few months before the upcoming WWDC 2022 will give a first look at the Apple Glass, Oppo has now presented its Air Glass.

oppo air glass overview
Case, glasses frame, charging cradle and projector module: you can count on these four components when you buy the Oppo Air Glass. / © Oppo

The Oppo Air Glass consists of two components: frame and projector module. The module sticks magnetically to the frame and weighs 30 grams.The centerpiece is the projector, which projects the image onto the waveguide in front of the wearer’s right eye, depending on the mode in 16 or 256 gray levels. The waveguide is protected from scratches on both sides by sapphire glass. According to Oppo, bystanders should not be able to clearly see the content currently shown on the display.

oppo air glass display
“18 ° C body temperature”: Does the Oppo Glass keep you cold? Or are you happy that it will soon start with the wearables on your face? / © Oppo

The Snapdragon Wear 4100 from Qualcomm takes care of the computing power. The SoC was only introduced in 2020, but thanks to the newer Wear 5100, it is more of a discontinued model. However, a better battery life should also be more important than computing power – you will hardly play PUBG on your glasses, not least because control via the touchbar or hand gestures and head movements would be a nightmare.

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Speaking of which: The Air Glass can still be controlled via Android watches and smartphones – the full range of functions is only available in conjunction with Oppo devices. In addition to notifications, Oppo names a synchronous translator from Chinese to English, a teleprompter function, health and calendar apps and navigation applications as the first application examples.

oppo air glass navigation teleprompter
Tongue twisters for non-Germans: “Road Traffic Regulations”. I think the idea of ​​navigating on a bike is good, but I’m afraid that not everyone will see it that way. / © Oppo

While the Oppo Air Glass is unlikely to cause controversy due to the lack of a camera, a major criticism of the first Google Glass remains a decade later: the battery life. It should be over after three hours. However, it remains open whether this is defined by continuous operation or standby. The question mark is how big the field of view really is – and how high the resolution of the projector is.

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Two different options are available for the frame – an open model and a closed model for people who wear glasses. The Oppo Air Glass will initially only be launched in mainland China. The start is planned for the first quarter of 2022. Oppo has not yet given a price or details of a global launch.

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