Online courses to learn about the LGTBIQ+ community and its inclusion in society

Online courses to learn about the LGTBIQ+ community and its inclusion in society
Courses to understand the struggles of the LGTBIQ+ social movement REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez
Courses to understand the struggles of the LGTBIQ+ social movement REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez

Although the internet, since it has been available for free use approximately 30 years ago, has faced the circulation of false news and hate messages, it has also been characterized as a learning channel where users have access to contents of social and scientific interest.

One of these learning channels are the educational platforms to take courses on different topics and that have been developing rapidly; In addition, on these platforms there are certifications in programming, marketing, accounting and even master’s degrees.

On this occasion, Crehana, one of the best-known websites on the Internet to learn new skills and knowledge, recalled the 4 courses on gender, diversity and inclusion. In fact, they were present for free until June 30.

Inclusive communication with a gender perspective

Led by Professor Gonzalo Diego Rosado, it focuses on gender perspectives and the importance of adding them to communications strategies for corporate projects with a social meaning.

Diversity, inclusion and relevance in companies

This workshop is taught by Daniela Arévalo and you can learn about corporate processes that allow building inclusive organizational cultures for homoparental families and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Hiring Manager

In this course you will be able to acquire knowledge to implement inclusive cultures focused on diversity. in addition to learning about recruitment and selection processes in general. The professional Juan José Gómez will be in charge of this academic project.

Practical foundations of inclusive language

This workshop was built in collaboration with Transforma MyM and shares the principles of inclusive language and how to apply it in daily communication without losing cohesion.

This has not been the only project that the platform has created to celebrate the month of Pride, since on June 22, they held a conversation with experts on gender and equity to discuss issues on diversity in society. This event was called, Future of people Forum: Speak up for Diversity.

School of Diversity and Inclusion

On the other hand, the Platzi platform announced the creation of the School of Diversity and Inclusion to train in inclusive policies with said community.

“Through training, it is possible to identify and execute the necessary practices to create an environment where all people feel safe, listened to and capable of developing their full potential in a job. For this we have created the School of Diversity and Inclusion in Platzi, where soft skills can be developed that promote equity, empathy and help to discard prejudices, stereotypes and biases that prevent inclusion and diversity”, assured Ingrid Zúñiga, head of communications and PR of Platzi.

-Diversity, Inclusion and Non-Discrimination: the mentor Ophelia Pastrana teaches about the application of the gender and diversity approach in specific areas such as communication, marketing and product development.

-Positive Masculinities: what would happen if we recognized that each man has his own way of being? There is no single way to live masculinity. In this course, Nicko Nogués teaches about the harmfulness of machismo and patriarchy in society.

-Audio course on Gender Equality: teacher Sandra Escobar talks about the importance of questioning gender roles, the concept of masculinity and how to fight against inequality.

-Audio course on Diversity and Inclusion for Companies: the CEO of Search Latin America, Ivannia Murillo, provides knowledge on practices for organizations to assimilate key concepts and understand how to adopt them, measure their impact, and how to implement communication mechanisms aligned with the best diversity practices and inclusion.

yesccording to consulting firm McKinsey, companies with the most diverse sexual orientations on their leadership team are likely to be 25% more financially successful than their peers.

Likewise, the same consultant revealed that 63% of people say they feel happy at work when companies make a deep commitment to respect and support diversity, thus improving interpersonal relationships between collaborators by living in empathetic and sensitive environments.

It is worth clarifying that during the Pride celebration, more than a party, the different demonstrations and struggles that members of the LGTBIQA + movement and its allies have carried out for decades are commemorated, to show the discrimination they suffer and in this way, seek respect. for their rights and that they be recognized as an active part of society.