OnePus has ventilated the Nord smartwatch


A Nord smartwatch sub-page has gone live on OnePlus’ Indian website, showing only the name and a small detail of the design for now. True to its habit, OnePlus will share some tidbit of information about its new device every day for the next week. What you can know so far: square casing, with rounded corners, black color, a button similar to a crown on the right side and a silicone strap OnePlus Nord Watch on the outside.

For now, this is all that can be known about the OnePlus Nord Watch, the manufacturer will share information about the device until September 28. (source: OnePlus India) [+]


So far, there is no information about the hardware, nor about the software. Presumably, this device will also run on the company’s own platform, which lacks smart functions, so the smart watch may not be an apt name, the inflated smart bracelet would be more appropriate. In any case, it is certain that there will be health tracking and sports functions in the wristband, just as it can be assumed that the Nord series member will be cheaper than the first OnePlus Watch. Market launch is predicted for October in the Far East, so far it is questionable whether the manufacturer will sell the new Nord Watch in the West.

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