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OnePlus phone heating issues: Third battery explosion in five weeks

OnePlus has been trying for some time with the Nord series to offer affordable smartphones with attractive features for the mass market. Now, for the third time in two months, a OnePlus Nord 2 caught fire and injured its owner.

As reported by LetsGoDigital magazine, the OnePlus phone heating issues incident occurred on September 8, in which a OnePlus Nord 2 5G smartphone spontaneously went up in flames. Apparently, there was also a defect in the battery in this case, which caused it to ignite and burn very hot. Indian OnePlus customers were affected in all cases.

The cause of the fire is still open – multiple burns

It is currently unclear why the smartphone caught fire. However, the device was irreversibly damaged. In the case of the OnePlus phone heating issues, it was being carried in a jacket pocket at the time of the fire when the owner noticed the smartphone was getting extremely hot. Then the man took off the garment and a little later the phone exploded in the pocket.


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There were apparently two other OnePlus heat up cases

It’s not the first time that one of the latest OnePlus phones had heating issues. Just over a month ago, another case became known in which a OnePlus Nord 2 caught fire while riding a bicycle. OnePlus had investigated the problem and has meanwhile sent the customer compensation. It was only a matter of external factors that led to the battery fire at the time, it just said.

It was only around three weeks ago that reports about another battery fire in a OnePlus Nord 2 used in India made the rounds. In this case, too, the battery allegedly caught fire for no apparent reason, and there are no photos of what happened or for further details. Allegedly, OnePlus has so far refused any assistance because the customer concerned cannot prove what exactly happened.

OnePlus Nord 2 5G: Youngest victim

At least in the most recent case of a burning OnePlus Nord 2 5G, the manufacturer could now face greater disaster. The customer concerned is a lawyer and claims to have already filed a complaint with the local police in Delhi. While the investigation is ongoing, the destroyed smartphone cannot be examined by OnePlus, it is said. In addition, the owner wants to file a lawsuit against OnePlus to claim damages.


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OnePlus is currently selling its smartphone in India with some success and is also trying to reach price-conscious customers with the Nord 2. The great popularity of the brand brings the manufacturer comparatively high sales figures, but evidently also calls for greater attention in the event of problems.

Burning batteries are not an unknown phenomenon in smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 even had to be completely taken off the market a few years ago because the battery was literally “dangerous” due to manufacturing errors. To this day, numerous airlines prohibit taking a smartphone of this type onboard their machines.


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