OnePlus Nord 3 5G gets first official images and release date

After some rumors have already presented possible specifications for the OnePlus Nord 3, CEO Kinder Lui revealed important information about the new OnePlus cell phone. Among them is the first official image of the device, as well as the date set for its presentation.

The device will have a very similar look to the OnePlus Ace 2V, a model presented by the brand in March this year. With that, he brings two large circular modules for the cameras, housing three rear lenses.

The design also stands out for the dual flash system, in which the components are located next to each camera section. The photo even confirms that the device will be sold in at least two color options: black and green.

Kinder Lui took the opportunity to confirm that the OnePlus Nord 3 will be presented on July 5, during the OnePlus summer conference. It is possible that other items will also be shown at the same event, such as the OnePlus Fold.

OnePlus Nord 3 5G: what to expect?

According to recently found performance tests, the OnePlus Nord 3 5G will have the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 as its main performance component. It is a platform presented at the end of 2021, which already appears in models such as the Honor 70 Pro Plus, for example.

The device should bring advanced configuration options, with up to 16 GB of RAM in its most advanced options. Little has been said about the internal storage, but the device is likely to offer options of 128, 256 or 512 GB of space.

Other features expected for the OnePlus Nord 3 5G still include:

Rumors about the OnePlus Nord 3 5G have not been confirmed so far, so some details may be different in the device’s specifications. As there is still just over a week until the presentation of the model, new information may emerge through more leaks.

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