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OnePlus brings spatial sound

OnePlus brings spatial sound

Android 13 was released last year, and it was the first major version that included the open, common Spatial Audio framework developed by Google, which can be used by all smartphone and audio accessory manufacturers. It seems at the moment that OnePlus will be the first big brand to take advantage of the opportunity with the OnePlus 11 smartphone and the Buds Pro 2 TWS earphones. The products are already available in China, according to the current situation, the global launch will be on February 7.

Spatial Audio is spatial sound, more precisely spatial sound. The system uses the earphones to follow the movement of the head, on the basis of which it tries to simulate multi-channel sound as lifelike as possible and with it a sense of space. This type of soundtrack is more typical for films, series, and games, but some music recordings are also made optimized for direct spatial sound. OnePlus promises that such special source material will not be needed when using their devices, because they have developed an algorithm that can create a feeling of surround even from plain stereo files, and this can be used for all content played on the phone, from audio files to games.

This is how Android 13 Spatial Audio works. [+]

It is a little more tangible that the Buds Pro 2 already supports automatic switching between devices and can simultaneously connect to two sources and receive sound from them. Of course, Android quick pairing will also be available, although this is not so new, as the first Pro was also capable of it. The only question is the pricing, which is not a negligible factor in the TWS market saturated with products.

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