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OnePlus and Oppo: soon, smartphones charged to 50% in 5 minutes


For example, like OnePlus, Oppo also takes advantage of the know-how of the Hassemblad company to improve the performance of its cameras. And for its part, OnePlus integrates Oppo’s fast charging technologies.

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And precisely, soon, some models of these two brands will benefit from a new fast charging technology at 150 W. The news was announced by Pete Lau, one of the co-founders of OnePlus, in a post published at the occasion of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“Last year, we focused on creating a truly premium photo experience, improving our products in the area you felt was most lacking. This year, we’re extending that focus beyond the camera to also include charging and performance improvements.”writes Lau.

The new fast charging technology, dubbed 150W SUPERVOOC, was developed by Oppo’s research institute. And it will be used by a new OnePlus smartphone which will be released in the second quarter of 2022.

“Super-fast charging is made possible by a custom dual battery, an industry-leading battery PCB protection board, and a highly integrated microcontroller to improve overall charging efficiency. 150W SUPERVOOC can charge a 4500mAh battery from 1-50% in just five minutes”announces the co-founder of OnePlus.

Moreover, while allowing users to charge their smartphones in a flash, ensures a certain durability of the battery. Indeed, according to OnePlus, this fast recharge at 150W would make it possible to retain 80% of the battery capacity, even after 1,600 recharge cycles.

Pending the arrival on a commercial model, this technology will be presented at Mobile World Congress 2022, in the joint stand of Oppo and OnePlus.

Note that Realme (which has links with Oppo and OnePlus) will also use this 150 W fast charging technology on a future smartphone: the Realme GT Neo 3.

The OnePlus 10 Pro is coming soon to Europe

On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​the OnePlus brand also announces the arrival of its latest flagship, the OnePlus 10 Pro, in Europe. As a reminder, this smartphone has already been formalized in China. And it will be marketed in Europe, North America and India from March.

According to Pete Lau, in the Middle Kingdom, the OnePlus 10 Pro has already generated the equivalent of 14 million euros in revenue. And the brand certainly expects this smartphone to also be a hit in our regions.

In his post, the brand’s co-founder also talks about its excellent performance in 2021. “In 2021, OnePlus shipped 11 million smartphones globally – the highest annual shipment in OnePlus history. Additionally, the OnePlus Nord line of smartphones surpassed a total of 10 million units sold – a remarkable achievement for a product line that was only introduced in July 2020.”he announced.

Finally, OnePlus keeps OxygenOS

In 2021, when OnePlus announced its integration as a sub-brand with Oppo, the latter was also to adopt a new operating system combining OxygenOS and ColorOS. But it looks like OnePlus and Oppo have changed their minds on this.

Pete Lau announces that ColorOS, the OS of Oppo, and OxygenOS, that of OnePlus, will be developed using the same basic code. But ColorsOS and OxygenOS will remain separate brands.

According to the co-founder of OnePlus, this decision was made after consulting the community. ” […] we understand that OxygenOS and ColorOS users want each operating system to remain separate from each other with its own distinct properties,”he said.

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