OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock edition hits more markets with new name

After being presented in March this year in China, the Jupiter Rock edition of the OnePlus 11 will now arrive in India. There, the device will be named “Marble Odyssey”, something that can be understood as “Marble Odyssey”, in free translation.

Even though it mentions the material in its official name, there is no indication related to the presence of marble in the construction of this special edition. This was an expected feature before the launch of the Chinese model, but the official specifications only mention the presence of a “3D microcrystalline rock”.

In general, the device that will arrive in India will look very similar to the device presented earlier. The official OnePlus page in the country had already presented a teaser indicating the arrival of the new device a few days ago:

The posts show that the device will start selling on June 6, but it is already listed on the OnePlus website. The smartphone must remain with the same specifications, which include:

In India, it will have an official price of 64,999 rupees, equivalent to around R$ 3,934 in direct conversion. So far, there is no forecast for sales in more countries in the future.

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