‘One Piece’, ‘The problem of the 3 bodies’ and Zack Snyder: the big announcements of Tudum 2023 for Netflix

This Saturday Netflix celebrated in Brazil the festival Tudum, his annual meeting with fans of the platform where he reveals previews and confirmations of his juiciest premieres. Parallel to confirming in this framework that Linda Hamilton would appear in the fifth season of stranger things, A multitude of trailers and clips of the harvest for the coming months have been published on networks, where the long-awaited live-action adaptation of one piece.

one piece

It is not that the attempts to lead to the live action a medium as complex as anime have gone very well in the past (Netflix knows this, after the failure that was cowboy bebop), but the fame of one piece it is so huge that it has inevitably captured all eyes. matt owens develops an ambitious blockbuster in the wake of the vast manganime of Eiichiro Odahaving its best asset in a highly dedicated cast led by Iñaki Godoy as Guffy, a pirate’s apprentice. one piece coming to Netflix this August 31.

Heart of Stone

There have already been previous previews of this action movie that leads gal gadotbut never with such intensity and such joy when presuming that at the forefront are producers of both The old guard (Netflix’s success with Charlize Theron) as the next two installments of Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment. Accompany Gadot Jamie Dornan either Matthias Schewighöferwhich starred the army of thieves. Heart of Stone the next one opens August 11.

rebel moon

zack snyder has been behind for years rebel moonthat foray into the space opera that was born from the impossibility of working in Star Wars. Netflix has agreed to give him the necessary money after army of the dead and that television universe that never got off the ground, and rebel moon It seems like the great blockbuster of the year for Netflix. A spatial key review of The seven magnificents which apparently will arrive divided into two parts, with Sofia BoutellaCharlie Hunnam either djimon hounsou in front. will arrive on the platform December 22thending the year.

The 3 body problem

Another project that had been going on for a long time. shortly after finishing Game of Thrones David Benioff and D.B. Weiss signed with Netflix, and their plan was to adapt this best-seller. Liu Cixin public The three body problem in 2008, having known nothing but praise since then that blesses his complex science fiction. With a cast where we find Eiza Gonzalez, Benedict Wong, John Bradley and liam cunningham (arrived from Game of Thrones) the series will finally see the light in January 2024. You can see his first trailer above.


The Money Heist is one of Netflix’s favorite brands, so the streaming platform streaming have wanted to expand the creation of Alex Pina abroad (with a Korean version) while working at a spin-off to showcase the fan-favorite character from the main series: Berlin, played by Peter Alonso. The series, which will premiere in December of this year, also has in its cast Michelle Jenner, Begona Vargas either Tristan Ulloa.

The Witcher

Clip with a great battle, Cavill saying goodbye to the character

Much less is left for The Witcher to return to Netflix with its third season. From the character created by Andrzej Sapkowskialso brought to video games with colossal success, the platform has put another lucrative franchise on its feet, while spin offs and animated derivatives. With this action-packed clip we return to the main series (which will bring its new chapters on June 29), even if it is with the certainty that henry cavill will be replaced shortly by Liam Hemsworth.

Avatar the last Airbender

one piece It is not the only animated series that Netflix intends to pass through the sieve of live action. Avatar the last Airbenderwho has behind him a fandom extremely faithful, it has suffered all kinds of mishaps to materialize, and in fact it will not be ready until 2024. Anyway Netflix has released a teaser, and published several images with the interpreters that will now play Aang, Katara, Sokka and Zuko. All of them duly characterized, in cosplay.


Elite is as precious a brand to Netflix as The Money Heist. It has also had its own expansions, but for now its main attractions are tied to the main series. This continues its setting in La Encinas and changing the cast of students as the seasons go by, establishing it as one of the longest-running series in the catalog. Its seventh installment, as revealed by a teaser of high conceptual range, the September 20.


Finally the Part 3 from another much loved series, lupine. The series starring omar sy come back this October 5thand celebrating the closeness Netflix has published one of its full scenes.

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