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One Piece: character becomes mascot and mosaic of PSG fans

One Piece: character becomes mascot and mosaic of PSG fans

This Tuesday (14), the classic match between Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich took place. The two teams played the first game of the round of 16 of the Champions League.

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What drew attention during the match was the way the fans of the PSG used a banner with Luffy’s design to take over half of the stadium. One of Luffy’s powers is to stretch his arms to fight his enemies, and it was precisely this ability that fans chose to represent.

The character’s arm comes out of the center of the banner and goes around most of the stands until his hand reaches an image of the Bayern crest, punching it.

The official account of one piece on Twitter he even commented on what happened, thanking the fans for their affection.

In the video, it is also possible to see that, on the other side of the stadium, PSG fans raised another banner in honor of the anime, with the design of the Going Merry, the famous ship used by the characters.

anime in stadiums

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that a crowd uses images of an anime in the stands.

Talking again about PSG fans, in 2018 they raised a banner with the image of Goku. It was possible to see that on his uniform there was the emblem of the team stamped.

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The team was chasing their seventh French title, so their fans made six giant Dragon Balls to represent the previous awards and sang a song that made reference to the seventh sphere and the seventh title.

(Source: ESPN/Playback)Source: ESPN

Dragon Ball most recently appeared during the Major League Soccer final in November 2022. Los Angeles Football Club fans took with them a large banner with the image of Gogeta dressed in the team’s colors.

Apparently, the character was lucky, as the team won the American championship.

So, what anime would you like to see represented by a crowd?

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