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One millimeter away from bezel-free

One millimeter away from bezel-free

In a press release, China Star Optoelectronics Technology (TCL CSoT), a subsidiary of the TCL parent company, announced that they succeeded in developing their extremely narrow OLED display technology, which required a frame as thin as 1 millimeter and was presented as a demo last May, to a level that enables mass production. In addition to the physical thinning of the frame, TCL has also developed 2.5D curved glass to match the new displays, with which the user can get a “completely frameless experience”.

The frame is barely visible with TCL’s new development, they claim. [+]

The most important change to achieve a 30% reduction in frame size is the new in-pixel design that allows VSS signals to be routed directly through the AA light emitting area. In addition to the thinning of the frame, this also has the useful benefit of reducing the metal resistance, so the display consumes 8% less to achieve the same brightness compared to the currently most common OLED panels.


According to the TCL CSoT, color fidelity and resolution are not compromised using the new technology. So far, there is no information on how resistant the super-thin, symmetrical frame is to shocks and drops, and more information is also needed on the effect of reducing the size of the frame on the antenna outputs, which are typically built into the frame. So far, TCL has not provided any information about when it will be possible to buy a display using their new technology.

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