Home Tech News On the occasion of pride month, Meta launches LGTBIQ+ stickers and avatars

On the occasion of pride month, Meta launches LGTBIQ+ stickers and avatars

On the occasion of pride month, Meta launches LGTBIQ+ stickers and avatars
Meta LGTBIQ+ avatars.  (photo: Goal)
Meta LGTBIQ+ avatars. (photo: Goal)

In the month of June the LGTBIQ+ claims are celebrated, and although the large technology companies have joined this cause by expressing their support for the community, it is worth emphasizing that these days more than a party, the different demonstrations and struggles are commemorated that have been carried out for decades by members of this social movement and their allies to show the discrimination they suffer and in this way, seek respect for their rights and that they be recognized as an active part of society.

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On this occasion, Meta has announced a series of LGTBIQ+-themed features that will also continue to be available for the rest of the year.

These are 3D stickers and avatars with which the company seeks greater representation of this community in the metaverse and its social platforms. It is expected that they will be available for Latin America very soon.

These new Meta resources can be used on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger in all their forms of publications such as feed and stories.

However, like many other social networks, they are expected to be used not only as a form of entertainment among users, but as options in the early stages of development of the metaverse.

And it is exactly that “digital spaces” is the most appropriate way to define the metaverse, since they are virtual environments created with technologies such as 3D modeling in which you can work, learn and interact. Accessing through devices such as virtual reality glasses or gloves.

Lhe queer artist, Shanée Benjamin, was the designer of the avatars and their accessories that can also be used in the metaverse.

It should be clarified that avatars are responsible for populating the metaverse, that is, they are the graphic object that represents real users in the different virtual worlds.

Finally, social networks and the internet have been confronted over the years with the circulation of false news and hate messages, and that is why Meta has focused its efforts on creating equitable, respectful and inclusive spaces through resources and tools like the ones they created for this date.

Similarly, the metaverse of Meta called “Horizon” is expected to be a learning platform where users can interact with content of social and scientific interest.

The LGTBIQ+ movement

This social movement officially arose on June 28, 1969, when riots were carried out at Stonewall in New York City, United States, when in a police raid on a bar in the city, people who were in the site and surroundings, were victims of police abuse.

After the violent incident, members of the community, especially transgender women who were also segregated for being African-American and defenders of different social causes, began to demonstrate against discrimination and hate attacks.


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