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On Netflix, Chris Rock responds to Will Smith a year after Oscar slap

Imagem de: Na Netflix, Chris Rock responde Will Smith um ano após tapa do Oscar

Almost a year after the episode involving Chris Rock and Will Smith at the 94th Academy Awards, the comedian’s response came to light during a stand-up recorded for Netflix. Chris Rock: Selective Indignation was broadcast live on the streaming platform last Saturday night (4).

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During the humor special, the creator of Everybody Hates Chris made a controversial statement: “One of these days, I watched Emancipation only to see Will Smith whipped.” In the film, Smith plays a former slave who is captured by his former master’s henchmen.

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In addition to the Emancipation commentary, Chris Rock also spoke about the open relationship between Will Smith and Jada Smith. In an excerpt that went viral on social networks, the comedian says that his wife hurt Will much more than the slap he ended up taking at the awards.

“We’ve all been cheated on, everyone here has been cheated on, none of us have ever been interviewed by the person who cheated on us on television. It’s like, ‘Hey, I was fucking someone else, how did that make you feel? Why the hell would you do that? She hurt him WAY more than he hurt me,” said Chris Rock in the Netflix special.

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Chris Rock in his Netflix special: Chris Rock: Selective Outrage. (Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

cause and consequence

While presenting the category for Best Documentary at the last edition of the Oscars, Chris Rock made a joke about the hair of Jada Smith, wife of Will Smith. The artist has her hair shaved due to alopecia, a disease that causes hair loss.

After comparing her to the character GI Jane, the comedian was surprised by Will slapping her face. The repercussion of the event took over social media at the exact moment.

Smith was eventually banned from any Academy-sponsored event for the next 10 years. A few months later, on July 29, the actor released a video on his YouTube channel apologizing to the comedian and his own family for what happened.

Also, the CEO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recently revealed that a team has been prepared to deal with live crises that may happen over the course of this year’s broadcast.

(Source: Getty Images/Reproduction)(Source: Getty Images/Reproduction)Source: Netflix

The team will be responsible for preventing any event that could disrupt the execution of the event in a smooth and pleasant way for everyone.

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And then, what did you think of the consequences that the slap caused?

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