Officially confirmed: Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro offers ultra-fast HyperCharge support

Xiaomi has confirmed the name of the model to be announced at the event on September 15. As expected, it will be the Mi 11T Pro, which has almost twice as much charging power as the current Mi 11 Pro.

  • Xiaomi has confirmed the compatibility of the Mi 11T Pro with the Hypercharge system
  • Hypercharge offers 120-watt charging power
  • The model will be officially launched on September 15th

Xiaomi responded to a teaser posted by Unbox Therapy on Twitter and, in addition to the Mi 11T Pro, also confirmed the 120-watt output of the HyperCharge charger. This high charging capacity is not entirely new. It was already used in the Mi 10 Ultra, which was only released exclusively for the Chinese market in 2020.


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Xiaomi has also already demonstrated a 200-watt charger that can charge the 4,000 mAh battery of a retrofitted Mi 11 Pro in eight minutes. But as always with fast charging technologies, you also have to take into account the impact this can have on the durability of the smartphone.

In response to concerns about the safety and lifespan of the device, the Let company know that the technology includes real-time temperature monitoring not only of the battery and SoC but also of the USB-C port and the motherboard. According to the brand, the battery should retain 80% of its capacity after 800 charging cycles.

The Xiaomi tweet only mentions the Mi 11T Pro model, which suggests that the base model will not be compatible with HyperCharge. The difference in charging speed would not be news, as the Mi 11 Pro was compatible with a charging power of 67 watts, while the conventional Mi 11 managed with 55 W. That being said, the regular Mi 11T is expected to bring a MediaTek Dimensity processor instead of the Snapdragon 888 that is expected for the 11T Pro.

 Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro offers ultra-fast charging
The company did not provide any information about the charging times of the HyperCharge 120 W / © Xiaomi

Other Xiaomi publications indicate that the company is preparing “a line of flagship devices” as well as a technique called “Cinemagic” that promises more vivid colors. The latter note appears in a hashtag for a publication, which mentions a macro photography technique but without revealing any further details.

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