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Official Synology RT6600ax WiFi 6: Speed ​​and security for home and office

Synology RT6600ax WiFi 6 is the new router of the Taiwanese brand, designed to guarantee speed and security to users for connections at home and in the office. At the same time, the SRM operating system – Synology Router Manager – is updated to version 1.3 . The Asian company has accustomed us to advanced network and cloud solutions – see for example our experience with DiskStation 220+ – and this too wants to be ready to support our activities by ensuring high performance while keeping us away from threats.


It is the first Synology certified WiFi 6 router , has a 1.8GHz quad-core processor and allows you to access Multi-Gig internet connections or a NAS through the 2.5Gb port configurable for use on the WAN or LAN. Among other things, it offers compatibility with the 5.9GHz frequency , and it is possible to create up to five separate networks, and for each of these there is the independent configuration of the one-way firewall rules so as to limit the bi-directional connectivity with those devices that they feel less secure (internet of things, for example).

Synology RT6600ax WiFi 6


With Safe Access you configure profiles for each user, so that you can manage the connection time or block browsing: all the devices associated with that profile will follow the same rules preset by the administrator. Parental Control , on the other hand, filters entire categories of websites / domains, as well as search results on YouTube, Google and other engines.

Also useful is the possibility of distributing the bandwidth among the various connected devices , giving priority to a specific client or app. Traffic reports can be converted to CSV or HTML for sharing or saving. SRM’s suite of remote connectivity tools is available to anyone working outside the office in smart or hybrid mode to

  • access intranet via browser (WebVPN)
  • establish connections with a client over various protocols (SSL VPN)
  • connect workstations for sharing resources on various networks (Site-to-Site VPN)
  • remotely enable devices compatible with the RDP / VNC standard (Remote Desktop)

The connection can also be managed via smartphone with DS router version 2.0.

The price for the Italian market is 328.18 euros , VAT included.

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