Nvidia is testing a monstrous 900W graphics card | Rumor

900W graphics card

For Nvidia technicians, energy consumption does not seem a problem, just think of the 450W TDP of the 3090Ti, currently the most powerful model of the RTX line , and even more of the rumors about the future RTX 4000 line based on Ada Lovelace architecture. There has already been talk of a TDP of 850W for the most advanced models of the next range , but the Santa Clara house could go even further, according to rumors not yet confirmed. In the pipeline there would also be a model with a 900W TDP powered by a double 16pin connector .

BEYOND 4090: 4070, 4080 and 4090 Ti (OR NEW TITAN)

It should therefore not be the 4090 accredited with a 600W TDP , but a possible Ti variant or a future TITAN RTX card. According to the source, the card is equipped with the AD102 chip with all active units ( therefore 18,432 Cuda Core ) and 48GB of 24Gbps GDDR6X memory . The source of the rumors, the leaker kopite7kimi, specifies that the information is obtained from a prototype of the board , currently under test, but that there is still no certainty that it will turn into a commercial product.

After all, for those who are hungry for power and will be willing to accept above average consumption, even the RTX 4090 could be definitely more than enough. The arrival of the card is expected by the end of the year – these are always rough forecasts subject to variations – and will be accompanied by two other models, the RTX 4080 and the RTX 4070 of which kopite7kimi has always provided some confirmations on the specifications. , specifying that the tests of these cards have not yet begun.

  • RTX 4080 with ADA103 chip, 16GB of GDDR6X and TDP similar to that of the GA102 chip (so a maximum of 450W)
  • RTX 4070 with ADA104 chip, 12GB of GDRR6X and 300W TDP