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Now you can see Ads on Instagram Reels in essential 2021 update

Facebook-owned social network surprised us with the Reels feature, which turned out to be the best alternative to Tiktok. This is a new way to remove TikTok from the 1st spot of the most downloaded app by creating short and funny videos on Instagram Reels.

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Instagram Reels encourages users to create funny videos and share them with friends. With the launch of Instagram Reels, it becomes the competitor of TikTok by providing monetization opportunities.

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Ads on Instagram Reels

A bundle of video editing tools that Instagram Reels offers makes it easy to shoot creative videos. The countdown timer, video speed option, and some editing effects that Reels offers make it a real alternative to TikTok.

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As the advertisement comes to Instagram Reels, the company tested this feature in Brazil, India, and Germany. Now Facebook has decided to launch this Tiktok clone around the world. The ads on Instagram Reels will be around 30 seconds long and will show a small disclaimer to make them different from your organic content.

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However, the number of ads shown to users is unknown. According to Instagram, the number of ads depends on how the user uses the app. The popular social media platform promises to monitor the opinions of users about Instagram Reels ads.

Instagram Product Manager Robbie Stein told The Verge that TikTok has popularized the short video format, Instagram Reels is different.

“I think TikTok deserves a lot of praise for popularizing the short video format. That’s great, but in the end, two products cannot be exactly the same especially ours. ”

Keep in mind, the company will roll out this feature country-wise. But it is expected that Instagram users around the world will have advertising on Instagram Reels with a week.

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