Now you can hide last seen on WhatsApp for selective users

The developers of WhatsApp have been working intensively on the functional scope of the messenger in recent months. Now a feature has been found in the beta of the app to hide last seen on WhatsApp, it annoys prolific writers in your contact list a little bit the wind out of the sails. Tech Markup tells you what it’s about!

  • New Feature in WhatsApp Beta Extends hide last seen on WhatsApp Limitations
  • You can only hide the ad from certain people
  • According to WaBetainfo, the function is planned for both iOS and Android

In Messenger WhatsApp, you can see when many contacts were last online. The message appears in a chat window directly below the name and informs you more or less precisely when the respective contact last had their mobile phone in their hand. While the feature is useful when you need an answer quickly, it can also be very annoying on the other hand.


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WhatsApp privacy function
Soon certain contacts can be excluded for the privacy functions. / © WaBetainfo

Having to answer for not having typed in your hand despite your cell phone is really annoying! Therefore, the “Last seen” display can already be switched off in WhatsApp. As the WaBetainfo experts have now found out, there will be another restriction here in the future.

Deactivate last seen for specific people only

In the new privacy feature, you will only be able to hide the display of “last seen” for certain people. For example, you can avoid professional contacts insisting on an answer because you were online after all. This specification for certain contacts should also be found in the future for hiding the profile picture under WhatsApp and in other privacy settings.


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However, it is still unclear when exactly the hide last seen changes will also be available in the official version of WhatsApp. WaBetainfo only reveals that the new functions will be implemented on both iOS and Android. If you want to install the beta version of WhatsApp yourself or don’t want to miss a new version, take a look at our instructions for updating WhatsApp.

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