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Now you can charge your Twitter Super Follows for your tweets.

Pic: Twitter

Do you think you should be paid for your tweets? Do you? Well, that doesn’t matter because Twitter thinks you should be paid. At a Virtual Event on Thursday, Twitter announced the “pay-for-tweet” feature called Twitter Super Follows which allows you to get paid by your followers for your content. Now you can tweet and earn.

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Twitter has also released the sample screenshots of the payment methods that could be launched in two expected ways. The first way is to pay few dollars a month to a person you follow on Twitter to access his special content or newsletters. The second way is to join a group. There might be a badge or supporter tag for the followers indicating support for the creator. Just like other social media platforms, it’s a good opportunity for the creator to earn from Twitter.

Twitter Super Follows
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Payment tools for the creators are increasingly helpful for the creators. Patreon is the most successful app for its payment tools. Similarly, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even GitHub are paying the publishers or content creators. Most likely, Twitter will also add its subscription feature of Twitter Super Follows in its new update so the people can earn revenue with their tweets.

Following the steps of Snapchat and Facebook and Whatsapp, Twitter had released the Fleet feature in late 2020. In this feature, you can your pics, audio, or video of 30 seconds only for your followers.


Twitter Community Feature:

Another upcoming feature of Twitter is called Communities. Twitter has not revealed much information about this feature. But the Twitter spokesperson says that you will get to know about this idea later this year. But this idea is similar to Facebook groups. People will create and add in groups to share the information related to specific topics just like Tesla or Bitcoin.

If your tweets are worth reading, then Thursday’s announcement shows that next time reward will be much more than likes.

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