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Now Twitter allows the users to add Gifs and Stickers to Fleets.

Fleet is the new name of Instagram and Snapchat stories-like feature that was launched by Twitter last year. This section on Twitter usually allows you to add photos, videos, and tweets. Now Twitter in its new update lets the users add Gifs and Stickers to Fleets. The feature will be available for both iOS and Android users.

In the section of Fleets, the users share their views and feelings similar to Facebook and Instagram that automatically disappear after 24 hours. You can see the Fleets at the top of the home page, Twitter calls it a Fleetline.

Adding Gifs and Stickers to Fleets:

The feature was announced by Twitter Support in the tweet. When designing the Fleet you need to press the smiley face icon placed at the bottom. It allows the users to add Gifs and Stickers to Fleets. Animated emojis, also called Twemojis of heart, laughing face and flame can also be added to Fleets. You just need to press the icon of a smiley face to add Gifs and Stickers to Fleets and drag to resize and place where you want.

Twitter tested Fleet last year in Italy and Brazil. Later, the test was taken in India, a country with millions of users of Twitter, and become one of the first countries to get the Fleet. Users can see the fleets of someone they don’t follow. Twitter says you cannot directly like or react to someone’s Fleet. But it allows you to react to Fleets via direct message. You can see the number of viewers of your Fleet. For now, this feature is only for Twitter app users. The users of Twitter web will wait to get this feature.

The Social media firm is anxiously working on different updates for a good user experience. The company recently announced the Undo Tweet button to assist users to edit their tweets. It also working the Super Follows and Community feature that is similar to Facebook groups. Now you can add Gifs and Stickers to Fleets.


Article Source: Gadget.ndtv

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