Now it’s easier: Google Drive, Docs and Calendar get new sharing interfaces

After receiving command shortcut support on Windows and macOS, Google Drive is now getting more news together with Google Docs and Calendar. Among the improvements we highlight new, more simplified ways to share files, events and documents with co-workers and friends.

Google Drive and Docs

Starting with Google Drive and Docs, both are getting a new interface in the sharing dialog. The idea is to simplify so that users better understand who can have access to the managed file at that moment.

At the top of the dialog we have a gear icon where you can determine what permissions each person with access has. In this way, you can define whether editors can download, print and change the file and share it with others.

The new interface comes with a design based on Material You and is divided into two parts, as you can see below:

Image: AndroidHeadlines

The first half of the share box shows the “People with Access” section where the emails and names of those who can view the document including yourself are displayed.

The second section is “General Access”, where you can determine the access levels of each person as a reader, viewer or editor, in addition to reducing it to a group with a link or specific people.

Google Calendar

Speaking now of Google Calendar we have a new interface for sharing events via email. The idea is to make it easier for people to understand when and who will participate in the events.

As you can see in the images below, the event invites show the following topics:

  • Event name;
  • When will it occur;
  • Guest list;
  • Answer options.

Image: 9to5Google

There is also a link to the meeting, the option to join via phone, and attachments available for the event. The main changes are in the body of the email, while the header remains with the same format showing buttons to simplify viewing.

All the news mentioned today are being gradually released to all users of Google Workspace accounts and personal Docs, Drive and Calendar accounts, so just access the services and check if these news are already available for your account.