Nova: Marvel project may come out as a special on Disney+

Nova, vindouro projeto da Marvel, pode chegar às telas como um especial no Disney+

the success of Werewolf in the Night should get other Marvel heroes a Disney+ special. According to the website Cosmic Circusthe long-awaited debut of Nova in the MCU can happen precisely in this format, which lasts between a series episode and a movie.

Such projects present more closed stories, but with the potential to be further explored in the future. The information has not yet been confirmed by Marvel and, so far, there are no further details on the plot of the possible attraction of the streaming.

In comics, Nova appeared in 1976 and is one of the publisher’s most popular cosmic characters. Member of the Nova Corps, intergalactic force introduced on screens in Guardians of the Galaxy — team of heroes that will feature a Christmas special on Disney+ — its name has different versions.

The most famous incarnation to assume the mantle is Richard Rider, the original Nova. In addition to him, more recent arcs featured Sam Alexander, a teenager who, by using the troop’s helmet, gains powers and ends up being mentored by Ryder.

Nova, Upcoming Marvel Project Could Hit Screens as a Disney+ SpecialSource: Source: Marvel/Reproduction

A project centered on Nova was made official by Marvel earlier this year, however, it has not been revealed whether the two versions of the character will appear in the upcoming title. Since the announcement, no name has been confirmed to play the hero, although rumors have pointed to Ryan Gosling in the role.

Shortly after the speculation, the actor went public to deny his involvement – at which time he showed interest in bringing the film to life. Ghost Rider. In addition to him, Xolo Maridueña (who will be the Blue Beetle in the DC film) and Brandon Perea (actor recently seen in nope) were also mentioned.

In addition to the Christmas special of Guardians of the Galaxythere is an expectation that the success of the format that emerged with Werewolf in the Night can focus on other projects.

Among them, a story centered on Wakanda, one on Okoye (Danai Gurira’s Dora Milaje) and a spin-off from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, focusing on Xialing (hero’s sister played by actress Meng’er Zhang). Another attraction that could be adapted as a special is the then-announced Magnum series.

Currently, Sabir Pirzada (moon knight and Ms. Marvel) is developing the roadmap for New. The title has yet to reveal its director and premiere date.