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The newest product of the Carl Pei brand is expected sometime in the second quarter, based on the exclusive renderings of SmartPrix, in an almost unchanged form. We could say that there is nothing to see here, but some small things will change in the case of Nothing Ear (2), mainly software-wise. The only changes to the characteristic design were that the noise-cancelling microphone was moved from the back of the earphone to the side of the stem, and some details were given a more pronounced, lighter color design.


@OnLeaks knows that this will be explained at the presentation as “don’t fix what’s not bad” (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it), so the focus will be on software functions. Such will be the customizable ANC, where the user can set the level of noise filtering according to his own needs, the option will be double connection, when the earphones are connected to two devices at the same time and change the source depending on which one the audio output comes from, and the improved tone control, where we can customize the sound in detail and meticulously.

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