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Nothing Phone (2) will have “another level camera”, points out the brand’s CEO

The launch of Nothing Phone (2) should happen soon, and brand CEO Carl Pei has been releasing more and more information about the device on his social media. One of the aspects cited by the executive is the cameras, which should gain several improvements in relation to the previous model.

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After all, the new generation will be able to record in 4K, with 60 frames per second and support for HDR in RAW format. For comparison, the current smartphone is capped at 30fps at 4K.

The comment was made in response to Pei’s own tweet, in which he confirms the arrival of Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 for Apple’s new cell phone. Nothing. The platform also brings improvements with regard to image processing:

“Next Level Camera: The Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 has a new 18-bit image signal processor (ISP), capable of capturing up to 4,000 times more data than the ISP used in the Phone (1)”

So far, no further technical information has been released about the sensors present in Nothing Phone (2). However, previous news has already indicated that the device should bring greater focus on software optimization in photos and videos, so it is possible that the device will bring components similar to those seen in the first generation of the brand’s cell phones.

The Nothing Phone (1) arrived with a 50 MP main camera, aided by a 50 MP ultrawide. At the front, a 16 MP sensor is responsible for selfies.

Nothing Phone (2) promises high processing power at a fair price

According to Pei, the choice for the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 was made based on the balance between performance, energy savings and production costs.

After all, he pointed out that “sometimes the best technology has a price that is not justified from the point of view of the benefits for the user”, as a way of defending the choice for the processor instead of a more modern Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and powerful.

Even so, it’s a considerable upgrade over the Phone (1), which came with a Snapdragon 778G Plus. Therefore, some users fear a price increase on the line, even if the CEO promises to maintain affordable values.

Other specs expected for the device include:

A specific date for the launch of Nothing Phone (2) has not yet been announced, but the brand has already confirmed that it will arrive during the summer in the northern hemisphere — that is, in the winter in the south, between the months of June and September.

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