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Nothing is preparing new headphones

Nothing is preparing new headphones

Before the release of the Phone (1), there were rumors that Nothing would launch a new earphone after the Ear (1), but they kept quiet about it until now. Nothing was a partner at fashion designer Chet Lo’s show at London Fashion Week, where he Ear (stick) called new earphones and the Phone (1) were shown in one way or another, but rather in that way, because the focus was once again on the appearance instead of the hardware.

The lady in red has the new Nothing Ear (stick) in her ears. (source: Nothing) [+]

So much has emerged from fashion trends that the new earphones no longer use a silicone bell in-ear design, but will sit in the ear cup, so the existence of ANC is questionable, although we have already seen it from Huawei, for example. The case has been redesigned, you can expect an elongated carrier similar to lipstick (Huawei has also launched earphones with this theme), made of transparent plastics.

A bag for the Phone (1).
A bag for the Phone (1). (source: Nothing) [+]

So far, the manufacturer has only said that the Ear (stick) will be released this year, but no other information has been shared. At the fashion show, small bags accentuating the back of the Phone (1) illuminated Glyph were also shown, these accessories will be available for purchase next year. Although it looks like this, anyone can make it at home from colorful stockings and/or grandma’s old shopping bag.

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