Nothing Fold (1): When will we see it?

Nothing Fold (1): When will we see it?

According to what we learn on the net today, it seems that we will not see a foldable by Carl Pei for quite a while yet. In fact, the Nothing folds (1) will not arrive soon, according to the latest rumors leaked on the web.

First things first: the new Chinese brand of Pei, former founder of OnePlus, has just released the Phone (2), an incredible mid-high-end smartphone, with a renewed Glyph interface and a premium Qualcomm processor. It will be available worldwide soon but it seems that there are no plans for a foldable to debut anytime soon.

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Nothing: there are no plans to release a foldable, not yet

The CEO of Nothing, Carl Pei, in an interview with the India Today newspaper, has just answered a series of very intriguing questions that have seen his new brand as a protagonist and the future expectations deriving from it. Speaking of the telephony world, he reported that at the moment he has no intention of making a foldable. In fact, according to him, leaflets are still too “niche” and are aimed only at a specific group of users. He’s also not fascinated by this technology; he believes consumers don’t really need a “fold” smartphone.

Among other things, Pei also said that most of the leaflets look identical to each other; they lack personality and the similarities are so evident (between one model and another) that it would almost be difficult to distinguish them from each other, if they didn’t have the company logo on the back. Recall that brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola and many others are investing heavily in this technology, while Apple, for example, does not seem willing to make one. Not for the moment, at least.

In contrast, OnePlus, a subsidiary of OPPO, Pei’s old company, will soon launch its first foldable smartphone. It will be called OnePlus Open, according to rumors that have emerged on the net, and should be unveiled by the end of the summer.

If you are looking for the new Nothing device – the Phone (2) – we suggest buying it on Amazon: only €729.00. At the moment you can pre-order and it will arrive at your home in a few days.

Source: Twitter India Today