Nothing Ear (1) black: Here you can buy the black version of the headphones

After the transparent version, the Nothing Ear (1) is now also available in black! While the availability of the first version was difficult for a long time, the dark in-ear headphones with ANC should be available from December 13 for 99.99 euros. NextPit tells you where you can buy them.

  • Like the basic version, the black version of the Nothing Ear (1) is sold for € 99.99.
  • Apart from the color, there are no differences between the two versions.
  • Nothing recommends buying the headphones before December 15th to get them before Christmas.


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A few months ago, Carl Pei’s new start-up “Nothing” launched the Ear (1). After a lot of fanfare in the media, the earbuds came on the market in quite limited numbers. Now there is a version with a dark case, which, according to the press release, will be available from December 13th. You can pre-order them for 99.99 euros on the manufacturer’s homepage.

Order Nothing Ear (1) in black on Amazon

Exactly the same product, don’t worry!

I know artificial scarcity creates a lot of hype. You instinctively want to throw yourself on these “new” Nothing Ear (1). Carl Pei’s start-up is really very clever in this regard, I have to admit that.

And I tell you this with absolute honesty and without any irony. Buy the Nothing Ear (1) in the black version, they look cool and it’s always nice when a manufacturer offers several variants of its product. In addition, the headphones have been selling like sliced ​​bread since their release.

The only real innovation is the color. That’s it Well, the truth is, Nothing has also announced that it will include the carbon footprint of its headphones on the box.

But I am not going to write three redundant paragraphs to repeat the specifications of the truly wireless headphones. You can find all the information in our detailed test. You should just know that for less than 100 euros you can get very good headphones that offer average sound, good battery life, effective ANC, and wireless charging. This is a combination that few competitors can match at the moment.

Source: Nothing Tech © Nothing Tech
Source: Nothing Tech © Nothing Tech

Source: Nothing Tech © Nothing Tech
Source: Nothing Tech © Nothing Tech
Source: Nothing Tech © Nothing Tech
Source: Nothing Tech © Nothing Tech

Finally, I would like to refer you to more pictures of the Nothing Ear (1) in its new black dress. The manufacturer points out, however, that you have to order your headphones by December 15th if you want to receive them in time for Christmas.


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What do you think of the black color of the Nothing Ear (1)? Do you think they look better or worse than the standard model?

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