Home Tech News Not yet on Windows 11? Microsoft is already preparing Windows 12!

Not yet on Windows 11? Microsoft is already preparing Windows 12!

Windows 12

Windows 10 was touted as the “latest” version of Windows…until the launch of Windows 11. Clues show that Microsoft is already developing the version that will replace it: Windows 12.

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The release of Windows 11 surprised the tech world, and for good reason: Microsoft had presented Windows 10 for years as a SaaS (Software as a Service) and regularly repeated that the firm would remain on version 10 indefinitely, while delivering updates often likely to profoundly change the user experience.

Windows 11 has refined the Windows user experience, with a new design and new features. But there are still many bits and pieces of older versions in the system. For example, some settings still have to pass through old interfaces of the control panel.


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Microsoft is already working on Windows 12

However, according to the GHacks site, persistent indiscretions from Microsoft indicate that the firm is already preparing Windows 12. And we are starting to have information on what this new version will look like. The first thing, which should delight many users, especially Mac defectors returning to Windows, is that Microsoft intends to clean up the many “fossil” programs and interfaces that are still available, including in Windows 11.

We particularly hope for the disappearance of the old interfaces of the control panel, in favor of a single interface where everything is centralized. Additionally, Windows 12 will now require a Microsoft account for Pro and Home versions. And a new security chip called Microsoft Pluto will become mandatory. This chip developed in collaboration with Intel, AMD and Qualcomm strengthens the security of the operating system and immunizes Windows 12 against a large number of attacks.

Unlike the TPM 2.0 enclave, the Microsoft Pluto chip is directly integrated into the processor. In addition, the TPM 2.0 component will remain mandatory, and will play, together with Secure Boot, a more important role. Finally, the latest info that seems to have leaked is that Windows 12 will use many elements of the lightweight Windows 10X operating system. It remains to be seen when Microsoft intends to launch the successor to Windows 11.


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For the moment, everything reinforces the impression of a fairly distant release date. Windows 10 is officially supported until 2025, and Windows 11 currently has no such date. We can only assume support for Windows 11 in the order of 10 years, which probably means an end of life for Windows 11 in 2031.

Windows 11 was released 4 years ahead of Windows 10’s end-of-life date – so it’s safe to assume that the first final version of Windows 12 will be available around 2027. What are your thoughts on Windows 12 development? Share your opinion in the comments of this article.


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