Not only “Dune”. Here are the best science fiction movies of 2021

Best science fiction movies of 2021? It will come as no surprise to anyone that we have given this title to “Dune”. However, our list of the most interesting science-fiction productions also includes other titles that have stolen our hearts in recent months. SPOILER ALERT: There is no new “Matrix” among them.
The Matrix of Resurrection did not make our list of the best science fiction films of 2021. In recent months, better science-fiction productions have appeared both in cinemas and on streaming platforms. For example “Finch” turned out to be a more successful production. Similarly to “Tlen”, “Godzilla vs. Kong”, or, of course, “Dune”. It will surely come as no surprise to us that the first place was awarded to the last-mentioned title.


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The best science fiction movies of 2021


Everyone loves Tom Hanks. It does not matter if on the screen he is accompanied by a volleyball ball, or a robot and a dog. Seriously! “Finch” is a theater of one actor, robot and dog. It is enough for the adored star to steal our hearts when he explains to the machine he created what the essence of humanity is. We are dealing here with ecologically engaged science fiction, so during the screening you will not only have a lot of fun, but maybe also learn some conclusions from it.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs – trailer”Palm Springs” arrived in our country with a considerable delay (it hit the screens of Polish cinemas in February this year). Nevertheless, it certainly deserves attention, because Max Barbakow breathed nourishing energy into the seemingly threadbare motif of a time loop. Nyles has a wedding all the time. He was used to it by now. One time, on this Groundhog Day, Sarah accidentally pulls in. Together they will try to break out of the vicious circle, while providing viewers with a lot of joy.

Mitchells versus machines

Sony stopped imitating Pixar and gave us great animation. It is a story about a family that accidentally becomes humanity’s last hope. The title Mitchells find themselves in the middle of the robot apocalypse. The story has, of course, lots of funny jokes and a simple but charming moral. During the screening, not only the youngest will have fun.


Alexandre Aja may have artistic ambitions in deep respect, but genre cinema does like no other. Everything here is so calculated and given that we cannot tear ourselves away from the screen. As soon as the director feels that the potential of one plot has run out, the plot turns. In this way, it slowly takes us through the presented world and suffocates us with an atmosphere that can be cut with a knife.

Free Guy

If Ryan Reynolds plays in the movie, we want him to keep his mouth open. We look forward to every next joke, funny punch line, or just an ironic comment, necessarily lined with the child’s naivety. The makers of Free Guy provide just that. The actor plays an NPC here who discovers that he is a character from the game. He will have to fight for the virtual reality that surrounds him, and thus his own life.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Okay, there are some people here. There is also the spirit of the New Adventure Cinema when we look at the adventures of childhood heroes. But who cares when Godzilla shows up … and then Kong … and then Mechagodzilla. Wow! We want to watch the infusion of great monsters, and Adam Wingard is well aware of this. Therefore, he multiplies the action scenes and increases the stake every now and then. You will fall from the impression!


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Dune – trailerAnd since we are talking about falling from sensation, “Dune” is such a monumental film that it is difficult to get up long after the screening. Everything here beats the viewer with its epicness. From the cast, through the scenery, to photos and music. Maybe there was no room for history, but the impression is unforgettable. It was worth waiting.

The best sci-fi movies of 2021 – where are the superheroes?

No superhero production was included in the list of the best science fiction films of 2021. And yet there were also titles from the MCU or DCEU catalog, which on other websites, on the occasion of similar rankings, fell under the category of science fiction. A separate list will be devoted to them here. Stay tuned!

What do you think about these science fiction movies 2021? Let us know in the comments.

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