“No Way Home” is epic. For the MCU, it would be better if it turned out to be another Spider-Man movie

No Way Home is an epic film. Guest heroes emerge at an alarming rate, with reviewers comparing the new “Spider-Man” to “Avengers: Endgame.” However, it can be concluded that this megalomania will come out to the MCU creators sideways.

ATTENTION! The text contains spoilers from the movie “Spider-Man. No Way Home”

How many Spider-Man are there in No Way Home? After long months of waiting, fakes and real information denied as fakes, we finally got to know the answer to the question that bothers us. According to fans of spiders, there are three in the latest MCU movie – Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have returned to the roles of superheroes, who proudly stand alongside Tom Holland. Thanks to this, we can confidently say today that Kevin Feige and his team suffer from extreme megalomania.


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Do not kid yourself. “No Way Home” is a movie every fan of the title superhero dreamed of. Because what could be better than one Spider-Man? These are the three Spider-Man who, like Maguire, will evoke a sense of nostalgia in the viewers, or like Garfield, will ironically look at the series with their participation. Supplemental human spiders are not an ornament. They play an important role in the plot and the protagonist draws full handfuls from their experiences. But wouldn’t a story on a smaller scale be enough for us?

Spider-Man. No way home – a movie that fans created

We were actually one step away from disaster. It only took one careless move by Jon Watts to give us Spider-Man fans’ biggest nightmare instead of a wet dream. Slightly curtailing the roles of the redundant spider people and their appearances would become cameos in the style of Matt Murdock’s Netflix-style Daredevil appearance. Because the creators here do not limit themselves.

Charlie Cox’s performance is typically ornamental. As if the creators tightened it, because that’s what the fans wanted. After all, it is Marvel superhero fans who dreamed up this movie, and Murdock’s cameo opens with a sack with guests in the MCU. Spider-Man is about to face Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin will appear and finally the rest of the spells from the previous Spider-Man universes. You can get out of breath trying to keep up with more jokes, references to memes and easter eggs. There is too much of it.

Admittedly, this works better than it should, but I wouldn’t mind if we just got another Spider-Man movie released under the MCU banner. Spider man fans are of the same opinion. There have been requests on the web for the final installment of the Garfield trilogy. The protagonist played by him could face an alien, as he wishes in “No Way Home”.

Spider-Man. No way home – Andrew Garfield

Spider-Man. No way home – one spider man is not enough

After such a monumental superhero movie as the newest version of “Spider-Man”, I am not surprised that such voices appear. There is more to them than just a longing for Garfield’s Spider Man. You can see the fatigue of this MCU megalomania in them. There is no soft game in this universe (already the multiverse?). Disney wants everything to be epic.

One superhero is not enough. Let’s do a crossover with everyone we have introduced. “Avengers: Endgame” breaks the bank in this respect, and yet many reviewers compare to it “No Way Home”. The new Spider-Man could be a regular Spider-Man movie, as originally planned, or even a team-up with Doctor Strang, because the action takes place when they meet. I wouldn’t complain if the narrative was only about them and the conflict that arose between them. Feige did not allow it, however.

Spider-Man. No way home – trailerAs if we became such demanding viewers that we simply no longer have enough superhero cinema. As if we couldn’t have fun without a ton of easter eggs. As if we were reducing the MCU only for further references, crossovers and fanservice. If Disney continues on the path taken in No Way Home, that’s what we can finally count on.

Spider-Man. No way home – only the Avengers now?

The question now is legitimate: what next? It is true that “in Feige we trust”, but this trust must be limited. What can happen after “No way home”? We know that the work on the fourth part of Spider-Man is already underway. Just imagine now that there will only be one spider man there. Will there be a step back? No. After all, the bar hung high has to be jumped over, and at this point there is a double-edged sword.

From now on, fans will expect each MCU movie to be the next “Game Over.” They will want three men of spiders in “Spider-Man” forever, “Alligator Loki” next to Tom Hiddleston, “Guardians of the Galaxy” crossover, etc., etc. in the new “Fantastic Four”. The appetite grows with eating.

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Epic crossovers are great if they happen every now and then. If they will appear in each subsequent MCU production, they will quickly become common. Only now there is probably no way back. Fans may not accept this. And then Feige will be saved only by the next roles of Piotr Adamczyk.

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