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No bad: 10 good movies to watch after a breakup

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Definitely the end of a relationship is not an experience that all people want to go through. With the absence of a loved one, it is normal to feel bad or isolate yourself so as not to infect others with negative energies, especially in cases of those who cannot deal with the separation. Fortunately, some movies treat this “event” as something we need to go through, either to become stronger or to follow through with plans.

With that in mind, we’ve prepared a list of ten romance movie nominations that not only treat separation as realistic, but also bring interesting concepts about relationships — for anyone looking to deal with difficulties or understand their role in someone else’s life. Not all of these hints have a fairytale ending, shall we say, but they all come with perspectives to comfort heartbroken viewers.

Check below ten works that are worth watching to relieve the heartache after the end of a relationship:

10. Five Feet From You


A teen novel with a strong emotional appeal, Five Steps from You draws attention to its narrative subtleties. Diagnosed with the same terminal illness, Stella and Will are young people who live in the same hospital and meet by chance. While the girl is ruled and seeks to live with maximum self-control, Will wants to enjoy his last days, even if it breaks all the barriers that keep them alive.

9. Before Sunrise


Beginning of one of the most popular modern romance trilogies, Before Sunrise is a charismatic story that pits two strangers on a short journey. Upon getting to know each other, they must enjoy their last hours before saying goodbye, discussing past traumas, expectations about love and their completely opposite ideals for a happy life.

8. Question of Time


A mixture of reality and fiction, A matter of time is an exciting journey through times that show different periods of a couple’s life. When having to deal with family, friendship and work problems, Tim and Mary seek to strengthen their bond and their own feelings, as they are targets of an unforgivable and irreversible force: destiny.

7. The Wonderful Now

Carefree, Sutter Keely lives a life filled with parties and alcohol and has a history of dropping out of school. Rejected by a suitor, he ends up finding Aimee Finicky, with whom he develops an unlikely relationship. Lonely and fan of fiction, she doesn’t have the life she wanted, but she becomes a pillar for her new partner, as she helps him solve his problems with his family and with himself.

6. Madly in Love

In addition to standing out for its technical aspects of filming, Madly in Love shows the difficulties of a long-distance relationship in a tangible way. In the plot, the American Jacob falls in love with the British Anna, but difficulties with the student visa and different mentalities regarding the future impact the way the couple manages their routine.

5. When I Met You

Set in a dystopian future, When I Met You presents a reality where people must inhibit their feelings. For 24 hours, all members of a community must practice hobbies, work and socialize, avoiding any type of contact, including touching. However, a single event will make a couple approach and break the barriers imposed.

4. La La Land — Singing Seasons

La La Land — Singing Seasons, the 2017 Oscar-winning film, is a tribute to the iconic era of American jazz. Mia, an aspiring actress, and Sebastian, a renowned musician and pianist, begin to suffer when their relationship is rocked by success. With difficulty dealing with polarized lives and mandatory decisions, they see their dreams collapse while the city always seems to be on the rise and demand more from each one.

3. Eat, Pray, Love

Inspired by Liz Gilbert’s book, Eat, Pray, Love tells the story of the author herself, who finds herself lost and confused even with the chances of having a dream life. Divorced and at a crossroads, she decides to step out of her comfort zone and risk everything to change her life, embarking on a journey to find pleasure in Italian food, the power of prayer in India and redemption for love in Bali.

2. 500 Days of Summer

500 Dias com Ela is an allegorical novel about expectations and understanding the love status of a relationship. Disappointed with his sentimental life, a man falls madly in love with a woman and seems to experience an unprecedented love, but only to realize that the challenges of reality are much greater.

1. Your Name

Japanese animation, Your Name is a romantic adventure that details the meeting of two young people with completely different lives. In addition to living in distant places, they have unique ambitions and routines, something that in theory would prevent any kind of approximation between them. However, as there is no way to play with destiny, a mysterious force of dreams insists on connecting them in a special way.

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