NIO: Tesla’s competitor would like to compete with Apple on smartphones

NIO: Tesla's competitor

If you are interested in electric vehicles, you certainly already know NIO, the Chinese brand. Tesla’s competitor may soon become an Apple competitor as well. Indeed, as reported in an article published by the Electrek site, the CEO of NIO recently confirmed that it could launch its own smartphone.

Electrek cites a publication from Chinese media outlet Sina that NIO boss William Li revealed that the company is exploring the idea of ​​selling its own smartphones. Nevertheless, for the moment, the automaker would still be in the research phase.

While waiting for Apple cars, NIO wants to get into smartphones

Previously, rumors about NIO’s plans for the smartphone market would have already circulated on the web. And it had been clear for a while that this Chinese company would not be satisfied with electric vehicles.

Nevertheless, this smartphone project would not be focused on commercial success. NIO would rather provide a smartphone that will offer a better experience to its drivers.

William Li would have cited the example of the UWB chip of the iPhone. Although the latest NIO vehicles are also equipped with this technology, it would be difficult to exploit it, because Apple does not offer an open interface.

However, Apple is now interested in electric vehicles. And if for the moment, the Cupertino company remains discreet about its automotive projects, rumors suggest that the first Apple electric vehicle could be released in 2025.

“Think about it, if by 2025 an Apple model is released and 60% or more of NIO users use Apple phones, NIO has no defense. If NIO doesn’t do anything today to prepare, it won’t be fun then.”reportedly said the boss of the automaker.

More worried about Apple than Xiaomi?

Apparently, NIO is mostly focused on Apple, while other companies, including Xiaomi, also have electric vehicle plans. “As with many other new entrants, we are monitoring, and they may not be in direct competition with the NIO brand”would have indicated William Li.

If NIO seems less worried about competition from Xiaomi, it would be because the two Chinese companies should have different targets. Indeed, future Xiaomi cars would be marketed in a price range significantly lower than that targeted by NIO.

As a reminder, Xiaomi aims to launch its electric vehicles in 2024. In November, the manufacturer selected the first site, in China, on which it will start producing its vehicles. And the objective will be a production of 300,000 units per year.