Nintendo Switch Sports: player destroys his television for not using the safety straps

It only took 24 hours after the launch of the new Nintendo Switch Sports game on the portable console for a clip to go viral on Twitch in which a user breaks his television. This is why you should always play safe.


If you’ve bought the latest Nintendo console, you may have noticed that two wrist straps come in the box. These are two adapters that modify the joycon so that it can be used as an independent controller.

Well, this is not its only function, since the straps are extremely important. Especially if you’re playing a title that uses motion detection for gameplay. Recently, it arrived at the Nintendo Switch Sports virtual store and a user has already had a bad time.


In the Twitch clip, he is seen playing a game of tennis when his controller came loose and he was shot towards the screen. It’s only 39 seconds where we can see his pain at losing a television in the most innocent way.

This was also the case with the Wii console, where Wii Sports was launched and several users threw the huge controller against the wall, the floor or the television. On YouTube there are several videos where we can see compilations of accidents with this game.


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